Why should people vote for you? 4. What is the uniform? Persuade your teacher to have their lessons outside in the Summer. Many people prefer to see quantitative evidence, as personal stories collected for qualitative evidence can sometimes be inaccurate. Yes or no? You have to live in another country. All students should volunteer in their community once every week. One day or week without an access to the Internet. How did you manage to convince the person? Tips for Descriptive Writing -- IGCSE First Language Directed Writing and Composition paper. Summarise your ideas and reinforce your argument so that readers are reminded about why your argument is valid. Always try and appeal to each person’s perspective so that you can convince as best as you can. Fast food like chips and pizza should be served everyday in the school canteen. This paragraph will clearly tell the reader what your opinion is and what you are standing for. Here are some key phrases that you can use to help yourself get your point across clearly and politely: Start your piece with an introductory paragraph that states your argument. Why? Students should be allowed to pick their own seats in class. Try and have a good answer back to these thoughts. Is it your friends, your teachers, the manager of a company or the whole community that you live within? If not, feel free to contact our professional writers as they will offer a lot of topics to write about. Being able to state your ideas and offer evidence for your arguments is an excellent skill to have! Students who bully others should be suspended from school. An experience that left me disillusioned. Why? Students love to hang out with their friends, go outside, do sport and eat delicious food. Would you go? It should be made mandatory to eat vegetables every day at school. Imagine you want to be the next president of your country. Persuade your family to let you stay at your friend’s house. It’s like you should always keep an eye on your budget. It follows all my requirements and contains all the resources I’ve mentioned previously. Why do I keep (or don’t keep) a diary or journal? We hope you have enjoyed these free writing prompts! All students should be allowed to study abroad once per year. The time I saw the weirdest thing in my life. If you’re looking for 7th grade and 8th grade writing prompts particularly, these are for you! The most beautiful thing in the world for me. Though I ordered the assignment which takes 10 days, the writer contacted me the same week. Now, I’m 100% sure that the writers from EssayMasters are native English speakers. Persuade your teacher to let you eat your favourite snacks in class. Most people will not be convinced of your ideas unless you can show them evidence. A selection of revision booklets and class activities to help students revise for the English IGCSE exam. Which one do you choose? Customer #4902, UK | Writer #61 | Media October 23, 2018. Students who are late to school should do a chore for their class. Previous Post SAMPLE WRITING SKILL QUESTIONS DESCRIPTION WRITING AND DIARY ENTRY CBSE- CLASS-X-ENGLISH. Persuade your teacher to not set your class homework for the next month. There is a number of helpful techniques helping to invent an essay topic. Write a speech on the 5 things you want to change about your country. Here are our 20 writing persuasive prompts for students aged 8 to 12! Our do my homework for me service ready to assist you. These writing prompts are great for students aged 13 to 16! Argue your point of view. Here are some topics: 1. do you think it is possible for celebrities to have private lives? Are you looking for 4th grade and 5th grade writing prompts? We also recommend using pictures as writing prompts. Convince your family to let you watch your favourite TV programme. The result was brilliant and. Think about this time carefully. Whom would I ask to come if I had my own Talk-show? IGCSE ESL – Tips on getting an A*; Question 5 Summary Writing; Question 6 Informal Letter/Email Writing; Question 7 Discursive Writing; Question 7 Discursive Writing Example; IGCSE English Literature. You can only eat apples or oranges for the next week. You know, these days, it’s hard to be a student. SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR WRITING ARTICLE WRITING, SPEECH WRITING, AND EMAIL WRITING. Argue your viewpoint. All students should teach one lesson to their class each term. All school classes should be outdoors in the forest. Square The first lesson of school every day should be exercise. If I could change anything in the history, what would I choose? A thing I would like to change in my past. View US version . And if you are ready to fully immerse yourself in a thriving and educational setting, come and study with us this Summer! Persuade your family to give you twice as much pocket money. All young adults should be required by law to volunteer in their community once every week. The voting age should be lowered to age 13. We should all learn how to grow our own fruit and vegetables. Which one will you eat? They will start thinking about other perspectives that they may not have considered before. If you can convince people that you are right, you will be able to achieve so much more within your job, with your friends and new people that you meet. What is it? of a writing task written and edited for you. London WC1R 4HQ. Yes or no? Why? Online course packages also available with Eton and Oxbridge Graduate Tutors. Teenagers should not do any chores at home. If you can convince people that you are right, you will be able to achieve so much more within your job, with your friends and new people that you meet. This is your last chance to sway their opinion! IGCSE ESL. Even the rapidly approaching deadlines won’t stop us! Its lack would affect my grades, and not in the best way, so thanks a lot! Is it better to have enough money, or too much money? Everyone should eat vegan food one day per week. Imagine that you have been granted a ticket to live on Mars. People should pay extra tax when they buy drinks in plastic bottles. We are all entitled to our opinion, and for many issues, there are pros and cons for each side that we take. To say more, I forgot to mention one point. Our professional writers are available 24/7! Besides, all the texts we create are 100% readable and connect only the fresh but proven sources If you have evidence to support your counterargument, even better! Post author: ... topic. Before getting started to choose a topic from the list provided by our writers, let’s read one of the narrative essay examples: In case you already have the topic to write about but need help with your essay, you can contact our essay writing service in UK to order a custom-written narrative essay with www.essaymasters.co.uk! We provide UK students with the ready-made assignments that follow all the needed requirements. If I could go back in time. This information can come from surveys, official records and experiments which carefully follow methods to try and ensure accurate information. If you don’t have a clue what experience to describe, you can brainstorm with your friends, surf the Internet or use this list of sample narrative essay topics. Students should be allowed to listen to their own music on headphones when working in class. Imagine in the future, you can live on land or underwater. All I can say I was quite surprised! Why? I only wish your services were a bit cheaper. It goes further. Who are your trying to persuade? Why? 100 Persuasive Writing Prompts for Writers aged 8 to 18 Being able to state your ideas and offer evidence for your arguments is an excellent skill to have! Friend – Hone Tuwhare Poem Analysis; For Heidi with blue hair – Fleur Adcock Poem Analysis; IGCSE Business Studies. You can choose to put one celebrity on your country’s highest-value banknote. What television shows have mattered to me? Quantitative evidence is about numbers, statistics and concrete data. Teachers should not be allowed to have their cell phone in the classroom. In this type of essay, the writer should speak about his/her experience within a specific context, such as a lesson learned. We can all have different ideas about what is right, wrong, correct and unusual. They have lessons that they need to deliver to you, work goals to meet, and your education and learning is at the forefront of their minds.


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