Log in. Parsley. 3 Answers. Hence, it is a monocotyledonous plant. The places where they grow are referred to as a shrubbery. In my blackberry shrub, I use pineapple sage. Luke. 0 0 0. The fresh pineapple aroma mixes well with the dark, sweet blackberries. You may have never considered adding herbs to your flower arrangements, but after reading this article, hopefully, your mind will change. NEXT> 3. For each cup of fruit or veggies, use 1/2 cup fresh chopped herbs or 1/4 cup dried herbs. Its a herb. Answer Save. Mint. Relevance. Because this variety of basil is a great one to use in a flower arrangement to add some color. 1 decade ago. So, whether basil is a perennial herb or not depends on the region you live in — the temperature of the locality and climate of the location. Garlic. NEXT> 2. Log in. 2,3 Its stems are square, hairy and well-branched. Click here to get an answer to your question ️ is basil a herb or a shrub? 0 0 0. Few examples of shrubs include mountain pine and common juniper. 2,3,4,6 The slender clusters of flowers are small and purple-red or white in color and have rounded upper lip lobes and obtuse to rounded lower lip lobes. Adding Herbs to Your Shrub. This basil is unique because of its dark coloring. Answered Is basil a herb or a shrub? Join now. Ask your question. You could also use it to add color to your garden as well. Herbs vs Shrubs. This herb originates from India but is much more associated with Thai and Mediterranean cookery. Then when you add the vinegar, you can add the herbs you want. The French word for this herb is "incensier". 1 decade ago. The herb is thought to be the herb of remembrance and was used in the past in funeral rites. 0 0 0. For the first part, use only the fruit or veggies that you plan to use. Tulsi is grown as an annual herb in temperate climates. Corn is neither a herb nor a shrub, it is a type of grass. Lv 5. Login to reply the answers Post; spirit. They can be ever green or deciduous. They can be grown either in parks or gardens. It is widely used as a herbal tea, commonly used in Ayurveda, and has a place within the Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism, in which devotees perform worship involving holy basil plants or leaves. Which herb? A shrub has many stems and may grow in a height of up to five to six metres. Rosemary. Ask your question. 1. Oregano. Basil. Is Basil (Tulsi) a herb or a shrub? Even though most other herbs struggle to grow during the humid, wet seasons in this region, basil herbs don’t care as they continue to grow all year round and become an established garden shrub. tulsi is a herb . Join now. Login to reply the answers Post; prabhakar p. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Which herb? 1. They have small branches with leaves on them and these branches grow close to each other. It adds a great flavour when cooked with lamb or potatoes. Login to reply the answers Post; Still have questions? TowandaHoms890 TowandaHoms890 07/24/2014 Biology High School +5 pts. Holy Basil is a fast-growing upright temperate annual or short-lived tropical perennial herb or shrub that can grow up to approximately 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) by 0.5 meter (1 ft 8 in).


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