In general, go for a wooden-bodied ukulele, of which there are many in this range, even if they are laminates. Not this ukulele though. With an almond-shaped concert body, the back and sides are made from a durable injection-molded thermoplastic, while you get some wood with the laminated birch top (finished in several color choices). Another key difference is that ukuleles sound much brighter and happier than a guitar. Body & Neck Don’t be fooled though – lurking underneath that cool appearance is a quality instrument that has all the right features. Assuming you aren’t a complete beginner, you should know what style of ukulele suits you best, whether that’s a baritone, tenor, soprano or concert. This is a beautiful example of a well-designed soprano ukulele and, at under $100, it just gets more attractive. The full review of the Kala KA-SBG offers all the details on this excellent baritone uke. Worth the investment. Reviews are filled with users who are charmed by its visual appeal, describing it as a beautiful looking instrument. A prime example of a great baritone ukulele for under $300. Copyright © 2018 BudgetReport Protection Status It's sound is also well received, described as full, warm and clear. Verdict While there aren't that many complaints about the Uke itself, there are some who gave it slightly lower ratings because of the condition of its factory installed strings and the bundled strap. Within the sub-$300 price range, the Cordoba 25T CE stands out for its stunning looks, warm tones, and amplified versatility. The sound is also pretty great for a semi-plastic instrument – bright and clear, but very well-balanced. It also sounds great with no buzzing. As with most new strings, these may require regular tuning to become stable. There’s a set of open-gear tuners with charming Pearloid buttons that are decent. Music HM-124MG+ Deluxe is another affordable Concert ukulele that's getting the approval of most of its users. While beginners may be better off learning with a more conventional ukulele, this electro-acoustic uke is ideal for more experienced players wanting something new in their collection, or something that’s both wallet or travel-friendly. Here we feature the best concert ukuleles, based on the most current actual user feedback, up to May of 2020. Both of these parts are made of generic plastic that features enough hardness to sustain the tension of the strings. It’s described as being both warm and focused, which is likely due to the combination of its spruce top and mahogany back and sides. It was time for a revisit to this article to see what had changed since we last updated it. Sound Included in their conquest is the competitive entry-level ukulele market, where the Cordoba 15CM is currently among the highest rated ones available. One of the best things about this little uke is that it’s ready to go straight out of the box. It features an abalone-style rosette, an ivoroid binding on the body and fingerboard, and pearl tuner buttons. Original photograph by Joe Bielawa, modified by & available under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0. Otherwise watch videos on YouTube, or read reviews online. The playability on offer is great. The quality of this material makes the uke durable, reliable, and strong. The 15CM is a concert ukulele sitting somewhere between a soprano and large tenor uke in terms of size, offering a great mix of portability, projection, and tone. This is the first ukulele market where you may consider buying a used model (after all, who wants a used entry-level ukulele?). While there’s nothing special about the design of the Kala KAA-15S, it still shows very commendable craftsmanship for an entry-level uke. Submitted by Jason Horton on May. There’s also a rosewood fretboard and 12 frets, marked with cool mother-of-pearl shark tooth inlays. And as expected, good build quality results in good sound and playability, both of which are often commended in reviews. The cool thing about this uke is that while it is intended for beginners it’s generally considered to have a pretty musical tone. The bridge, as described above, is a hardwood piece painted to resemble rosewood. A relative of koa, acacia offers a timeless rounded sound with beautiful aesthetics. The DU-150 uke comes with a rather generic set of strings. At the higher end, $500 would get you a great uke, but you may need to spend double that to pick up a guitar with similar woods, tone, craftsmanship, and electronics. The preamp is basic but does the job of amplifying the sound clearly, which is all you can ask at this price. A stunning tenor with premium sound, style, and versatility. This uke also comes with geared tuning machines that make it very easy to tune. The strings that come with your choice of ukulele will determine, to a large extent, the sound and resonance that emanates from it. There’s a rosewood bridge that’s equipped with a real bone saddle matched by a bone nut. Of course, a twinkly soprano uke will sound different to a deeper tenor uke, but all have a sound that’s easily distinguished from a guitar. 94 out of 100. These are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Given the price point, it is not reasonable to expect it to satisfy the needs of experienced players, but it continues to put a smile on the faces of its intended entry-level market buyers. It’s not uncommon that you’ll run into ukes in this price range that looks way too much like a toy. Body & Neck While a concert uke still offers a bright sound, it’s a little louder and richer than a soprano. The choice of material used in the body of the Pyle PUKT55 is satin-finished laminated wood that has been artificially flamed for dramatic effect. However, at some point, you realize that it’s not that simple. In its original configuration, the DU-150 offers the very core of a classic soprano sound. There are plenty of good ukulele brands out there, but the brands below are the most common.


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