can improve 12 or more lives by restoring eyesight, helping fight infections in burn patients and prevent the loss of mobility and disability. #loveyourcervix Campaigns of the World, Haryana, Haryana, India. Volkswagen used the ‘think small’ campaign to attract their users to the several benefits of having a small car. has grabbed the headlines with its Orwellian micro-targeting ability! The ad campaign ran so long and had over 1500 ads. Reebok was the chief competitor to Nike at the time. The ad is still going on. One person who donates organs (hearts, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and intestine) can save up to eight lives, while tissue donors (corneas, bone, skin, heart valves, tendons, veins, etc.) Because of a fitness craze. The application, named PackHead, was intended to raise awareness and support for graphic package warnings, which are more effective at communicating the harms of smoking than standard text. It has no distinct shape or something extremely different. In 2017 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence allegedly became the first major public health body to adopt Snapchat, in a bid to connect with young people. What are the Benefits of Online Engagement? The games were distributed for free via a number of online gaming sites. By displaying themselves as No.2 in the rental car services, Avis built their marketing campaign through a bit of self-depreciation. ‘Got milk?’ is one of the best-known marketing campaigns worldwide and was initiated in 1993. The World’s Best Public Health Social Media Campaigns. Find Business Emails and Business Phone numbers with AeroLeads. A complete searchable and filterable list of all Campaign Quests in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Matt Damon Surprises People with ‘The Wait for Water’. The US campaign, devised by Grey New York, went viral causing the brand to be bombarded by both praise and abuse – with P&G’s GEO of global grooming, Gary Coombe, even receiving a threatening call from a shareholder. Artois for “The Wait for Water,” showing what happens when unsuspecting restaurant customers are told water won’t be available for up to six hours. This included sharable materials like videos, animations and collection of cards and guides. Rip & Roll (two and three) focusing on the importance of condoms and lube appeared at the start of this year and its further development occurred towards the close of 2011-2012. Tags best advertising and marketing campaignsbig brands advertising campaignsbrand advertising campaignsmarketing campaignsonline advertising brand campaigns, Your email address will not be published. Using a take on George Orwell’s classic book- “1984”, Apple created a commercial for the introduction of the Macintosh during the 1984 Super Bowl. By partnering up with other a range of charities the campaign reached over 38 million young people and drove 823k engagements. Another one from Public Health Wales who ran a  #loveyourcervix campaign. The campaign, starting at the beginning of smoke-free legislation enforcement and messaged to publicise the high level of public support for the law, saw wide coverage in newspapers and online media. In this example, Matt Damon does a great job bringing people’s attention to the fact that women in the developing world have to wait up to six hours collecting water each day. The campaign video shows cancer surgeon Dr. Prashant Pawar as he conducts his rounds in one of the busiest head, neck and throat cancer wards in the world. Get inspired. Another one from Public Health Wales who ran a. campaign. Find Your Support Community on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo. Here's my pick of the entries. According to the United Nations, billions of people are still living without safe water – their households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive. The event was and still is referred to as Red Bull Stratos permanently fixing the brand name in history. Indeed, Edison Research and Triton Digital’s report, The Infinite Dial 2018, an annual research series on how we use social media, podcasts, and online audio services, argued that the year 2018 might have been “the year that social media changed forever.” Detailing unexpected trends in social media usage, it adds: “In a complex and conflicted world, the relative escapism offered by thumbing through photos on Instagram, or creating the ultimate wish list on Pinterest, may be a welcome respite from the snark of Twitter or the sales pitches on LinkedIn.”. The campaign ad showcases an American cowboy with a ‘masculine’ trademark. Started in 1995, the campaign was one of the most powerful campaigns ever run and even had some hate generated of the 20th century. Sign in. Sign in. Mental health has become a popular topic for social media campaigns, as more and more people want to get involved  in tackling the stigma associated with talking about mental health. Mantherapy, #loveyourcervix, #FKHIV. The campaign was essentially a competition with Microsoft and sparked several Mac vs. PC debates. The campaign features a fictional character named Rich Mahogany, who provides “manly mental health tips” in humorous videos. In this popular example a one-minute campaign video featured three Instagram users talking about their past struggles with eating disorders, depression and suicidal thoughts. But what about the brands who’ve established themselves as icons in their fields either through offline or online methods? formId: "411f723b-7503-44dc-9f73-72ede7de132e" Every year, more than 1,500 people receive kidneys, livers, and hearts that have been donated for transplantation. QuAC was formed in 1984 by a group of largely gay men in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Queensland. The negativity of 2020 has been washed out with the warmth of these adverts. Given the ideology that milk is somewhat of a boring product, the campaign had to push the audience to promote consumption. It is part of a series of short films about a variety of health issues that confront gay men. Password. Advertising pervades every part of everyday life, from radio, internet and television to print media, movie screens, park benches and the sides of city buses. SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGNS. Pexels In February, WARC, the international authority on advertising and media effectiveness , released the … The advertisements achieved an astonishing 11.5 million impressions and more than 5,000 “friends” in under ten days—all for a cost of only USD$3,500. The campaign used its flagship hashtag #HereForYou for the campaign – one that was already commonly used by Instagram users. Campaigns of the World® is a leading source of daily news for Marketers, Advertiser and Creative professionals. They also made the brave decision to hijack people’s coffee orders in a very clever way of highlighting the problem caused by families overriding the wishes of their loved ones. }); Let's activate your community. Nike came up with the line ‘Just Do It’ in the late 1980s, keeping the customer-centric opinion to achieve fitness. (Please note, there is a language warning on this. Organ Donation Wales now have an excellent track record in encouraging people to talk more about the importance of organ donation. As a result, public health campaigns increasingly compete for people’s attention and seek to influence their behaviour through these social media channels. Stay signed in. The project aimed to deliver an evidence-based programme to create a smoke-free future for children by making tobacco use less desirable and accessible as well as accelerating a reduction in the smoking rate across the region. FaceSpace is a great example of using humor, narrative and character as part of a successful social media for public health campaign. As the authors note, while there is a great deal of enthusiasm and interest in using social media for public health communications, “few research studies have examined its success in promoting and adopting protective health behaviours”. “In a complex and conflicted world, the relative escapism offered by thumbing through photos on Instagram, or creating the ultimate wish list on Pinterest, may be a welcome respite from the snark of Twitter or the sales pitches on LinkedIn.”. After the campaign launch, it was responsible for an overwhelming response. Campaigns have the power to move people, make brands and make the news. This campaign from Colorado, in the USA, is aimed at men aged 24-54 who account for the most suicides. NICE’s communications team shared several ‘snap facts’ throughout the day – using pictures and emojis – to explain how easily infections are spread and how quickly drug resistance develops. This pilot intervention trialled the delivery of sexual health promotion via social networking sites to two key at-risk groups: young people aged 16-29 years, and men who have sex with men (MSM).


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