The authors enjoyed the freedom to investigate and write about any subject related to “A Rape on Campus” that they judged to be germane and in the public interest. Woods said he and Erdely “both came to the decision that this person was telling the truth.” They saw her as a “whistle blower” who was fighting indifference and inertia at the university. If Rolling Stone had located him and heard his response to Jackie’s allegations, including the verifiable fact that he did not belong to Phi Kappa Psi, this might have led Erdely to reconsider her focus on that case. Whether the administration should have done so, given the information it then possessed, is a question under review by the University of Virginia’s governing Board of Visitors, aided by fact-finding and analysis by the law firm O’Melveny & Myers. Then one of them grabbed my shoulders. “I felt very strongly that he already knew what the allegations were because they’d been told by UVA.” As it turned out, however, the version of the attack provided to Phi Kappa Psi was quite different from and less detailed than the one Jackie had provided to Erdely. “Campus sexual violence probably has more witnesses, bystanders, etc. Dana said there was no time to conduct a “forensic investigation” into the story’s issues. She recently earned her Master’s of Science from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. In any event, there was reason for Rolling Stone to be skeptical. “I don’t even want to get him involved in this. Woods resolved the issue as he had done earlier with the three friends: by using a pseudonym in the story. Her work faced new pressures. We reached out to Steve Coll, dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter himself, who accepted our offer. Prior to coming to the U.S., Amel worked... Agostino Petroni is a 2020 MA-Politics graduate from Columbia Journalism School. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. The distrust was mutual. To Erdely, UVA looked as if it was in damage control mode. Early in December, Rolling Stone effectively retracted that narrative. It is also, in its own way, a fascinating document ­— a piece of journalism, as Coll describes it, about a failure of journalism. (The Charlottesville police said in March they could not identify a UVA student or any other person named Haven Monahan.) Across the country, college administrators had to adjust to stricter federal oversight as well as to a new generation of student activists, including women who declared openly that they had been raped at school and had not received justice. The lifeguard coached seven boys as they raped her one by one. The editors had heard that The Washington Post intended to publish a story that same day calling the magazine’s reporting into question. This approach can also make it easier to persuade both victims and perpetrators to talk. Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University provides on-going educational opportunities to those students seeking advanced degrees. “We just have to do what we’ve always done and just make sure we don’t make this mistake again.” Coco McPherson, the fact-checking chief, said, “I one hundred percent do not think that the policies that we have in place failed. She writes about criminal justice, culture, and education. The facts in these cases were sometimes disputed, but they had generated a wave of campus activism. If the fact-checking department had understood that such a practice was unacceptable, the outcome would almost certainly have changed. Admissions officers are waiting to hear from you! Later that day, the magazine published an editor’s note that effectively retracted Rolling Stone‘s reporting on Jackie’s allegations of gang rape at the University of Virginia. On Oct. 15, Scipione replied to Erdely’s request for comment. She even suggested a way to do so – by checking the fraternity’s roster. Erdely felt Jackie “was secure” about the name of the fraternity: Phi Kappa Psi. At Columbia, an aggrieved student dragged a mattress around campus to call attention to her account of assault and injustice. There was, in fact, an aquatic center lifeguard who had worked at the pool at the same time as Jackie and had the first name she had used freely with Erdely.


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