• Temperature logs need to reflect the correct range for the equipment you are monitoring along with the correct information about the equipment, for example name, serial number, etc. The handheld Extech 42510A mini infrared thermometer measures and displays noncontact (infrared) temperature readings at the touch of a, Description: Min/max memory of temperature and humidity. A digital thermometer with a temperature range of -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572°F). Digital, Laboratory Thermometers - The wide temperature. NIST Compliant® with certificate. stainless steel stem with probe cover. Browse Digital Thermometers Datasheets for TEGAM, Inc. Browse Infrared Thermometers Datasheets for Optris Infrared Sensing, LLC, Browse Viscometers Datasheets for CANNON Instrument Company, Browse Infrared Thermometers Datasheets for AMETEK Land, Make Accurate Infrared Measurements with Pro IR. pipes and the tube section are measured by means of a SEM DT 8812 contactless thermometer (error ±2%); of 0.1°C; laboratory mercury thermometer with measurement range of 0-100°C, and …. They are all constructed with high quality 100 ohm detectors, and are assembled and calibrated using fixed point cells in-house in a NAMAS approved and supervised laboratory. The Extech 4510A mini infrared thermometer comes in convenient portable size with a wide temperature range measuring up to 1200°F (650°C). These general-purpose, easy-to-read white red liquid filling, in a variety of ranges and styles. tory thermometers with the measurement ranges 0–50 Range is the converse of sensitivity, i.e., the longer the range, the lower is its sensitivity. Affordable routine thermometer now has extra features At the touch of a button, display temperatures from -58.0 to 500.8°F and -50.0 to 260.0°C, switch from °F to °C, or set high/low alarms. stainless steel probe with protective plastic cap 3134-3, Temperature Probes - 12 in. Ideal, Description: Min/max memory of temperature Cardinal Health sponsors these webinars with support from leading industry experts and opinion leaders. • Small, lightweight, and shockproof • Temperature range is –40 to 2000°F or –40 to 1200°C • Resolution is 1°, accuracy is ±(1°C + 1%) from 0 to 750°C and 32 to. Two modes of time display: 12/24 hour Therm-Chex thermometers are completely sealed in a fluoropolymer PTEF jacket and then enclosed with the buffered media bottle in a plastic sleeve to contain fluids should breakage occur, preventing product contamination. These thermometer readouts deliver exceptional accuracy, wide measurement range, logging, and trending, all in a handheld tool you can take anywhere. General Purpose Low-Cost, Laboratory Thermometers - One second normal temperature sensing time, NIST Compliant® with certificate The 1524 lets you handle field applications, laboratory measurements, and data logging with, Description: 2-Channel Digital, Dial Thermometers - These thermometer readouts deliver exceptional accuracy, wide measurement range, logging, and trending, all in a handheld tool you can take anywhere. Rely on this IR thermometer for quick and easy surface temperature measurements. Gas Actuated, Industrial Thermometers - Traceable® Total-, Laboratory Thermometers - During 2007 we reviewed our range of SPRTs and now have new models in the 909 family, the 909L and 909H. Meter only accuracy is ±1°C. Usually used with a thermowell, the, Description: Looking for other medical products we carry? LCD viewing area: 20 x 30mm Description: Resolution is 0.1 from -200 to 640°C (-328 to 990°F) otherwise 1°. Ten memory storage. Range: -50°C to 1000°C/°F). • Min/max memory of temperature From liquid-in-glass to high quality precision digital thermometers, Cardinal Health products have a proven reputation for reliability and repeatability. Expanded-range, fast-response, and one-switch operation make it the perfect routine thermometer. This minimum/maximum thermometer is used to monitor temperatures in freezers, refrigerators and incubators as well as ambient air. Example: A temperature measurement takes place with a laboratory thermometer (measuring region : 0 to 100 ° C; scale division: 0,1 ° C). Temperature monitors for refrigerators, freezers and incubators. It supports a wide range of thermometer types including 25 O SPRTs, Description: Vapor and Gas Actuated, Digital Thermometers - Dual Range, Dual Current Source Each, Description: Internal and external temperature measuring, NIST Compliant® with certificate


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