However, others may experience chronic pain and fatigue in their feet. Arch the feet by pulling the toes in toward the heels, raising the middle section of the feet off the floor. For some, flat feet may never cause any pain. The study has shown that more than 30% of people in the U. S. have such pronation problem, commonly known, as flat feet. Another simple exercise can be done by … It’s important to do the below exercises to stretch out the tightness caused by having flat feet and to strengthen the arch of the foot. It can be congenital or acquired as an adult. A small percentage of the population suffers from hereditary flat feet, but most of it is developed as a result of mistreating the foot. Flat feet, or pes planus, is a condition in which the bottoms of your feet have no arch. Flat feet (or pronated feet) is a common problem. Many people don’t get any pain from their flat feet, but they could be causing some of your ankle, knee, hip or back problems. Exercises for flat feet can be very simple. Stretching and strengthening exercises … Lack of the arch in the foot is a pronation deviation that occurs for one in four individuals in the United States. Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, are a postural deformity which affect the arches of the feet. Individuals with flat feet either have low arches or no arch or curvature around the inner side of the sole of their foot; when they stand, the sole of their foot often makes complete contact with the ground.. One of these simple exercises is to sit with feet flat on the floor.


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