After all, books can take you anywhere without you even leaving your couch and they can provide you with hours of fun. It is probable that all art is “sweet” and “useful” to its appropriate users. Pessimism means things are getting messy. The paintings establish themselves clearly in terms of a Western aesthetic, producing an affective response that draws the viewer into a place from which the political message of meta-representation can take full effect. The painting is crucially framed by the title: the road to Redfern is the road towards a Sydney suburb that has been the centre of urban Aboriginal resistance, a modern urban sacred site. Suggestions? One of the functions of literature is for enjoyment or entertainment. Through literature you would be able to appreciate the importance of reading. Space Exodus is a representation of what appears to be the impossible. They tell us about the role of a text in social context, its relations to its surroundings and the way it behaves. Told that poetry is “play”, we fell that justice has been done neither to the care, skill, and planning of the artist nor to the seriousness and importance of the poem; but told that poetry is “work” or “craft” we feel the violence done to its joy and what Kant called its “purposelessness”. We can test the grounded nature of Nation Estate by comparing it to another of Sansour’s pieces: the short film called Space Exodus, which shows a Palestinian female astronaut planting a Palestinian flag on the moon. Simply put, it is a collection of different written texts. The importance of a perception of time in which past, present and future are conjoined or layered rather than separate and lost to each other is that it refutes one of the most trenchant critiques of utopia—its static nature. What the Visit Palestine postcard series reveals is that Heimat is not Paradise. As Mahmoud Darwish says in “State of Siege”: Here, on the slopes facing the sunset Will AI technology Worsen Inequality in the World of Work? GREETINGS But the key feature of his art is its insurgent hybridizing dynamic. Creative works confirm a fundamental truth of revolution: that no future is achieved unless it is first imagined. Thanks to literature, banal things can be turned into something artistic, poetic and beautiful. The sublime effect of literature, for Longinus, is attained not by argument, but by revelation, or illumination. While utopias exist in the future, utopianism, anticipatory consciousness, is heavily invested in the present. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Literature shapes our Whenever the creative work is engaged, it is reproduced in the context of another person, place and time. But they are revolutionary in their capacity to collapse time, to fuse past, present and future into the image that spirals into the future. The problem with the concept of Being in Hegel was that it overwhelmed becoming—obstructing the category of the future. It is only when the static concept of being is dispensed with that the real dimension of hope opens (ibid, 18). The picture of these winged female Valkyries on the eighth day of creation is an extremely anti-imperialist painting prompted by Onus’s reaction to the Republican debate and the sight of bumper stickers saying “Keep our flag forever”. In other words the tension of revolution is rendered productive by its location in a spiralling compression of time. They reminded the great concourse of Athenian citizens of the traditional gods and heroes of history. While Jerusalem is simply one floor of the building among others rather than the focus of ongoing conflict: ‘Jerusalem’, Nation Estate, Larissa Sansour (2012). What developed was a culture of such creative adaptation that its transformative capacities were able to resist absorption into the dominant culture. All cultural aspects like traditions, beliefs, customs, norms etc are expressed so that the society may cherish the good ones and carry them over to the next generations, and modify or discard the outdated ones. Literature educates people in the society. Here are 10 functions of literature everyone should know. Though they differ among themselves regarding the other functions of literature, they are all agreed on one point—that the main function of literature is to entertain the readers, or, in other words, to give them pleasure. But it demonstrates precisely how the utopianism of art and literature work. Twice Upon a Time actually mimics a painting by H.J. As Kamau Brathwaite puts it: Limbo But this is surely not only the case for literary works alone. Yet Afro-modernity took on a form generated from this heterogeneity, a dynamism adapted to the physical and social conditions with which they had to deal. How much do you know about the various functions of literature? When there is no land left for Palestinians, there will be no option but to incorporate Palestinians. The fact that the head of the serpent is a truck is a cunning metaphor for the persistence of Aboriginal identity in modernity and the importance of mobility and transformation. Thematically Analyzing “Death and the Compass”, Thematic and Stylistic Analysis of “The Library of Babel”. The ways in which what we say and believe connects with the power structure and power relations of the society we live in. READ ALSO: Best African writers and their books, Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news. A very clear example of this can be found in the strategic use of a postcard called Visit Palestine, designed in 1936 by Franz Kraus. This is not opposition but transformation, yet its relation to time is exactly the same as that on which revolution depends, because the revolt is also a revolving, an evolution in which past, present and future are conjoined and mutually enforcing. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our, The whole doc is available only for registered users. Its prime and shief function is fidelity to its own nature. More often than not people who are interested in watching, listening and reading literary works are tempted to act like those characters in the respective literary work. In the words of Darwish: I believe that the unwavering commitment to resistance and defence is not some sort of nostalgia, but the saturation of the present and future with the past, without which neither present nor future will come to be. Although the present may be seen as a continuous stream of prospections becoming retrospections, the sense that the past has gone and the future is coming separates what may be called the three phases of time: past, present and future.


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