Allergist. Your email address will not be published. Whether you have questions about settlement, finding a job, legal issues or family matters, we're here to help. The information you find here is revised once a year and might have changed from the last update. W. Audiologist. “Because of their economic situation, very few are able to engage in social activities and they are (all alone).”. Toronto If the newcomer wants to find their own family doctor who speaks their own language, the search may be a long one. +1 416-406-4719. But most immigrants and refugees are left to find their own doctors. © 2020 - Canadian Newcomer Magazine. N. Dentist. 416-222-3556, Raimond Pahapill Avenida Place Calla says it can take a whole generation before a community like these can start producing doctors of their own. Having a doctor in Calgary who speaks Spanish is for some of us a big difference because of the more personal treatment and to feel more confident when explaining our & nbsp; symptom. Our extensive archive of how-to guides and other resources are a great way to start your journey in Canada. Paediatrician
 Behaviour & the Developing Brain Even so, if it is important for you to be attended by someone who shares your culture and language during your illness, you can try to find a Latino doctor in your area. Remember that you have a choice, and it is not obligatory to stay with the first doctor you see. Health: Free Services to Protect You from TB, Immigration Ministry Increasing Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Numbers for 2012, Medical: What International Students need to know about health insurance, Higher Education – Bridging and Coop Programs. “When I was a child, whenever I went to the hospital, I ended up interpreting,” said Calla. 905-804-1700. Should All U.S. Physicians Speak Spanish? Some information in this article is outdated. Acupuncturist. Published March 2004. Toronto You must first have a Family Doctor who is a General Physician. For more information on Access Alliance call 416-324-8677. Bathurst Walk-in Clinic and Family Practice Toronto 905-677-1919, Nimrod Kalman Koifman Refugees arriving in Canada without being approved in their own country are placed on an temporary federal health care plan, which covers only the most basic of health care. Canadian Newcomer Magazine is a publication dedicated to helping new Canadians find their way. 416-447-2107, Regina Natividad Agbayani Calgary, Alberta T2T 0A1 “Health care may not be a priority until they get sick,” she said. “There are people who just will not be able to seek out health care if they do not have access to people who speak their language,” He said. In general, it is easier to establish a connection with a Spanish doctor or doctor who speaks Spanish and knows our culture. Mental health is also a big issue for new immigrants and refugees, Tao said. Tel: (403) 943-4504, Arbillaga, Dr. Hector- Rheumatologist North York Family Physicians, After Hours Clinic 416-665-7708, Tsuyoshi Katsuta Calgary Family Doctors that are fluent in Spanish Language. Meanwhile, thousands of newcomers in the GTA may be gettig poor health care because they cannot find anyone who speaks their language. Lawrence Warden Medical Centre 91 Rylander Blvd., Unit 5 Tel: (403) 692-0233, Chinook Medical Centre Better interpreter help at hospitals today has reduced the need for children to help out. Tel: (403) 955-7816, Alvarez, Dr. George Mimico Medical Centre Your email address will not be published. Willowdale While this job was a big one for any child, it was even more difficult when he was interpreting for a doctor. Calgary, Alberta T2P 0V2 Medico General Whether you have questions about settlement, finding a job, legal issues or family matters, we're here to help. 416-752-2207 280, 5920 1A Street SW, 3811 Sheppard Ave. E. Calgary, Alberta  T3B 6A8 If you are a doctor listed here and you are either not Spanish speaking or wish to update your information, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]. 416-977-9224, Frantisek Pavol Zitnansky The first step to getting good health care is finding a family doctor who speaks your language, says Calla, who today is head of COSTI, an immigrant and refugee help centre that offers many services in 40 languages.


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