Although most soil has plenty of calcium, eggshells add extra calcium to plants without messing up the pH like lime often does in a garden. . Not to mention, it’s rather messy and litters the garden w/ all the extra fillers in Tums. BER is rarely a calcium deficiency so milk does nothing to solve it. Sole application of calcium, boron and zinc and interactive effect of Ca × B and Ca × Zn had a significant effect on the growth as well as on the fruit production of tomato. How to Apply Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer. Additionally, improved cell wall strength increases the plants ability to handle pest and disease pressure. Robert Pavlis you’re doing a great job here. Ground down the rest of the bottle and had enough for one spoonful for each plant and half a spoon between the plants. So we ground up 7 Tumbs from a bottle we had for over 20 years. People speculate that blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers is caused by a lack of calcium in the soil. Crush the tablets & spray the vines of tomatoes that have BER. These help prevent or correct low calcium levels in tomato plants. Many now suggest that dropping a TUMS (common brand of antacid) into the soil below each tomato or pepper will prevent this problem. , That’s an interesting article. For those of us growing tomatoes in containers, with perhaps one-square foot of soil at the surface, throwing down 7 or 8 TUMS tablets at the beginning of the season may be as cost-effective as anything else. The water cures the BER. Soil that is deficient in calcium, which is not very common, will lead to BER because the whole plant can’t get enough calcium. An acre is about 44,000 sq ft, and 220 pounds of calcium is 99,660 g. Each sq ft would require 2.3 g. The generic brand of TUMS on my desk has 0.75 g calcium carbonate per tablet which is 0.3 g of calcium. BER is more fully discussed in Blossom End Rot. The best way to solve the problem in the garden is to water regularly and mulch to keep moisture levels constant. There are many variables even so . Gave them a quick water as we have wind and dust fly’s. Calcium nitrate fertilizer is the only water soluble source of calcium available for plants. It works both as a fertilizer and for disease control. The problem most frequently associated with calcium deficiency in tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum, short-lived perennials in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11) is the disorder known as blossom-end rot. Is it safe to add a small amount of cremation remains to help add calcium to the soil? From this last statement it becomes clear that soil with enough calcium in it, might still lead to BER. To keep your dream of bushels of tomatoes from literally rot… Powered by, Podcast with Tova’s Garden About Garden Myths, 21 Common Indoor Plant Myths – That Save You Time and Money. Not sure what you mean by “will carry”, but magnesium will not help move calcium closer to plant roots. Either too much water, or not enough water will cause BER. Though, a lot of farmers in Nigeria do not make use of this wonderful fertiliser. Lets assume a soil test was done and the soil is deficient of calcium. To each their own.. My Ph for the first 3″ is 6.7 below 3″ the meter pegs out at 3. It worked from what I can see. When to Use Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Calcium nitrate is a useful fertilizer for pepper plants, tomatoes, and other greenhouse crops. When to Use Calcium Nitrate. From what I’ve seen about tums for BER, it’s being used more for an emergency cure. Use a hand trowel to mix the eggshell powder into the soil. Sprinkle the powder around the tomato plant. What did the soil test show? Thanks for your article. Calcium nitrate fertilizer can be applied in different ways, based on … This particular plot had been planted 2 years in a row with Cucurbitaceae family, or, more plainly, last year giant pumpkin was grown so I felt there was a depletion. It is best to do a soil test first, as excess calcium can also lead to problems.The idea is to find a balance of nutrients for each particular crop. How many TUMS does it take to bring the soil back up to adequate levels? What effect do you think the common recommendation of one TUMS per plant has? Remember that if you’re using calcium nitrate to not use any other agricultural chemical on your tomato plants. TUMS contains a significant amount of calcium. I have read that there is a good amount of sodium in cremains, but I did add some last year to the soil around my tomato plants, and they thrived. I use tums in my staw bales. And yes..have done controlled studies with bales with and without….The bales have NO Calcium without it and the ones without the Tums invariably have BER while the ones with the Tums have no problems… Have done this 4 years running with the same results.


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