A sound level meter will usually have fast and slow response modes indicating its sensitivity to rapid fluctuations and peak values of sound pressure. Download the measurement into Measurement Partner Suite. Press ‘start/pause’ to continue measurement when the disturbance ends. When the level is stable, the traffic light indicates a steady green, and the signal is measured and used for calibration. Type 2250 and Type 2270 sound level meters have colored LEDs at either side of the ’start/pause’ button. On your Type 2250 or Type 2270 you will have different measurement templates designed to help you make different kinds of measurements: Templates are customizable, and it is possible to change settings in a template and/or make copies. The Type or Class of a sound level meter describes its accuracy as defined by the relevant international standards - Class 1 is more accurate than Class 2. For the Sound Level Meter and Frequency Analyzer templates do as follows: In the Logging and Enhanced Logging templates do as follows: More information on how to back-erase can be found in section 4.5.3 of your user manual. Voice notes and written notes can add valuable information to your measurements. Here’s how to toggle between them. SPL readings (see SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL) refer to readings taken with a FLAT response network (i.e. These are the instructions for using an SD card: TYPE 2250 Measure sound levels at the “ear drum” when a headset is placed over the ear. Tap No to disregard the new calibration and continue with the old calibration. Following the first part of the instruction in the Status Field, fit Sound Calibrator Type 4231 carefully onto the microphone of the sound level meter. Compare also: LEVEL RECORDER, SOUND ANALYSER, VU METER. You can use the ’back-erase‘ button on your sound level meter to remove disturbances from your measurements. Another typical use of sound level meters is the monitoring of concerts or events. That is, the A network was to be used to measure low level sounds, the B for medium level and the C for high level. If the card is accepted, the sound level meter will prompt if you want to use it for storing new measurements. All Rights Reserved. A common use of a sound level meter would be to measure the sound coming from a factory or airport, ensuring that there is not an excessive amount of noise pollution. Green light – currently recording/measuring, Flashing yellow light – ready to measure, paused, and not currently recording/measuring, Red light – something is wrong, check the device. You need to calibrate your SLM before each use. Use the Sound Level Meter to judge cheering contests at pep rallies. When sounds have a similar frequency distribution of energy, dBA measurements may be used for ranking subjective responses to the sounds. Wait a few seconds for the level to stabilize and start the calibration. Make a template for each job, and name them after that job. Press ‘back-erase’ again when the disturbance ends. Speak into the microphone at the rear of the sound level meter. This can be very helpful if something disturbs you in the middle of a measurement. This distinction has been largely abandoned with a tendency to standardize to dBA measurements as a single number evaluator for noise. If you need any more information about how to use the sound level meter, check out the user manual (provided with the sound level meter or available online) – or give us a call. Connect either the sound level meter via USB cable to your PC or use an SD card reader. Peak values (PK): the highest instantaneous value within an interval, Monitoring of environmental noise sources, Monitoring and logging of sound levels at music venues. It is classified as a group X instrument.


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