Yellow below, olive-green above with indistinct yellow eye ring and yellow lores, and dark grey wings with pale edging. The sexes are identical, as with most warblers, but young birds are paler on the belly. Icterine Warbler: Robin-sized leaf warbler with long wings. The icterine warbler’s song is similar to those of the Blyth’s reed warbler and the marsh warbler, but the icterine warbler always perches atop a broadleaved tree while singing, and only sings during the day. Song frequently interrupted by characteristic, nasal, high-pitched squeaks unlike Marsh Warbler. Compared to the icterine warbler, the upper parts are rather browner and the under parts rather yellower. The term icterine refers to its yellowish colouration. Song very virtuous and varied. Compared to Icterine Warbler, wings are shorter and lack the pale panel. Master of mimicry. Breeding in Eurasia: sw Europe, also nw Africa; can be seen in 58 countries. The Icterine warbler is a large square tailed, broad billed bird, belonging to the Hippolais genus of tree warblers, which comprises of only 4 birds including the Melodious warbler with which it … Distribution and movements. Icterine Warbler (Spring) Icterine Warbler (Autumn) ... migrant, primarily observed during the spring in the company of other warbler species. The call is described as teck or tec, tec, tec. Belarus 2020 Eggs of birds Hawfinch Icterine warbler Great tit Song thrush : Condition:--not specified “ MNH ” Ended: Sep 28, 2020. I’m glad you connected with the Icterine Warbler in the end. Melodious Warbler (Hippolais polyglotta) bird calls and sounds on A bird with a unique warbling song interrupted with nasal “violin” sounds. ... wintering in sub-Saharan Africa. The icterine warble makes its nest high up in the dense foliage of a broadleaved tree. Details about Belarus 2020 Eggs of birds Hawfinch Icterine warbler Great tit Song thrush See original listing. Show more Tweet of the Day is a series of fascinating stories about the British birds inspired by their calls and songs. Spotting one requires peering at the treetops. Great photos as well. The song is a fast nasal babbling incorporating mimicry of other species. The adult has a plain brown back and wings, and yellowish underparts. It was a lifer for me as well and I was also drawn to them by the varied song… Medium-sized warbler, olive-green above and yellow below with a rather long bill. Most similar to Marsh Warbler, but timbre and attack harder and more powerful. Has straight, orange bill with dark grey on culmen, and blue-grey legs and feet. Note brown legs. Song is fast and prolonged, containing quite a lot of mimicry and usually some House Sparrow-like chattery calls intermixed. Zarcero Icterino Canto - Icterine Warbler Song - Hippolais Icterina Fullaire está dedicado a todo lo relativo al mundo de los pájaros, especialmente sus cantos. Michaela Strachan presents the story and sound of the icterine warbler. Has square-ended tail. Steve Hearn June 15, 2013 at 11:55 pm. The bill is strong and pointed and the legs are brown. Tempo varied with many pauses, but includes longer, and more flowing sequences than Marsh Warbler.


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