Charge! In the Cadian Shock Troops regiments, individuals granted heroic status are notable by the medals they wear, for Cadia is a supremely militaristic culture and maintains decorations for countless deeds. A Death Korps of Krieg commander leading a mixed regiment comprised of Death Korps troopers and Attilan Rough Riders. A strategic rank of the Imperial Guard subordinate only to the Lord Commander Militant, the five Lord Commanders of the Imperial Guard are each responsible for the Guard forces in each of the Imperium's segmentums. An elite group of soldiers chosen from among the ranks of the Imperial Military,[7] the Imperial Guard was generally composed of members who lacked any degree of Force-sensitivity,[4] though their candidates were chosen from among the Sith Empire's greatest non-Force-sensitive warriors. An Imperial Guard Commander is an officer of the Imperial Guard who has come up through the rank-and-file to obtain a position of command within the Guard's strictly regimented hierarchy. Others are bitter and taciturn and fight because they know of no other way of life. [4], Members of the Imperial Guard were clad in armored robes of red and crested helmets, while they wielded a variety of different weapons as the situation required. They have an ability to say the right thing, shout the right battle cry, invoke the right Imperial Saint or give the right order, and all at the most opportune moment. General information [4] Guardsman Lassicar personally executed six different Jedi and over two dozen Sith Lords throughout his career, as well as a highly trained team of agents from the Strategic Information Service—the Republic's covert intelligence agency. The Imperial Guard (the so-called Superguardians) is a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The Imperial Guard are a multi-ethnic group of alien beings who act as enforcers of the laws of the Shi'ar Empire; the Superguardians are the personal guard of the leader of the Empire.. A coalition of Imperial and Republic forces, united in their desire to prevent Revan from resurrecting the Emperor, discovered the academy and captured Iven, whose interrogation revealed the existent of a Sith artifact in the Temple of Sacrifice that could restore the Emperor's strength. The Guard carried out the Emperor's will on battlefields across the galaxy during the Great Galactic War, Cold War, and Galactic War with the Republic. The academy also served to protect the Temple of Sacrifice, a Sith structure that contained the Emperor's failsafe in case his Voice was slain. Then the unwilling hero might find himself required to attend parades where he must carry the regimental banner at the head of rank upon rank of his fellow troopers. Invariably, the persona propagated in this manner is almost entirely false, idealised to such a degree that few would recognise the figure if they had met him in person. [1], After the spirit of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow was eliminated from Yavin 4 by the Emperor's agents around 3756 BBY,[12] the Emperor took control of the moon, and the Guard established an academy there. Most superior officers genuinely believe the individual willing and capable of such missions, but on occasion a bitter or jealous officer has sent such a natural leader and his comrades on a mission fully intended to do away with him. [5], The Emperor himself selected the locations of the Guard's academies, choosing worlds strong with the dark side of the Force so that he could exert his influence and form bonds with his future Guardsmen. Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Often, such unlooked-for leaders as are much a thorn in the sides of ranking officers as useful tools of war in and of themselves. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Notable Lord Commanders of the Imperial Guard. [1] The Guardsmen were perfectly willing to die for the Emperor, and carried out his every command without question. When the situation looks desperate and the only alternative to being overrun is to flee and be gunned down by the Commissars, it takes a very special individual to inspire the beleaguered troops to stand firm. They take enemy positions single-handed, capturing heavy weapons that would otherwise have been capable of gunning down scores of men. [10], The Guard also received intense training in martial arts, so that they were more than a match for both Jedi and Sith. [31] However, the Guard gradually withdrew from Imperial affairs, and though it soon become public knowledge among the Empire's upper echelons that the Emperor sought to eradicate all life in the galaxy, the prospect of their death did not faze the Emperor's protectors.


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