The majority of men in those polygamous cultures wound up unhappy bachelors. You can reject this notion, but you still need to pay your electricity bill. Well, look, I think we can agree that "swinger" is not the most articulate or eloquent of terms. Our life cycle consists of more than eating and reproducing. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. They need a lot of care for a long time. There are some higher mammals, which humans belong to family-wise, that are monogamous. People will have experiences that are different from mine. Everyone have different opinion but mine is that monogamy is biological. Whilst the sentiment is nice, it is definitely not true. I certainly agree that you can't depend on the safety of a relationship while engaging in behavior that would destroy it. I have a variety of friends that were once a pair. This way they can continue to reap more and more of other people's money (i.e. Modern science finds it perfectly explainable. A few are quite comfortable and happy in their swinging and polyamory situations -- and quite a bit much more so than married people. Does that mean I should act on my thoughts because it''s a natural human feeling? I'm the one guilty of ridiculous hyperbole? PTSD), which are easily triggered by excessive or even deviant sexual behavior (traumatic coupling causes people a lot of pain and misery). Its far more beautifull to just sit down with the woman that cares about you over a tea or coffee and talk. Damit Verizon Media und unsere Partner Ihre personenbezogenen Daten verarbeiten können, wählen Sie bitte 'Ich stimme zu.' Yes, it is, the proof of this is that in various cultures have multiple sexual partners and even more than one spouse, usually the man has various spouses, but in some places happen the other way around, as in some villages in northern India. Mate, you have obviously never taken class A drugs... haha! Bauch and his team noted that other factors would be involved, such as female choice. Say that times are lean. The concept and behavior are taught to children subconsciously through all types of media & immediate sources from the moment they are born. A lot of polyamorous people are very happy with their relationships. The more I hear and see about monogamy, the more disgusted it makes me feel. But you don’t think that the psychology behind a social construct was based on a biological need? In essence they are already killing off those who suffer from mental health issues by promoting the very thing that is driving people mad (statism, systemic dependency). I said it was vaguely accurate, not vaguely stated. Funny how much that can change some people and others not at all... Its more natural for women to be monogamous because on ancient times a pregnant woman would want a man around as protection while she was unable to defend herself. That is has no biological basis? Then, monogamy is mostly a social construct. Isn't it nice that we have the capacity -- and the opportunity -- to create what wasn't "naturally" given to us in the beginning? As for these people paying price, sure, it varies just as much as people who are in monogamous marriages, most of which don't even last 13 years. xD. It varies and there is no such thing as a "rule" that applies to everyone that somehow swinging and polyamory always exacts a burdensome "price". I learned one thing that being with person you trully care about and that person trully cares about you is 1000x better than some random one night stand, even the most passionate ones. But a conscious decision to stay committed to their partner keeps them together. Part of it is social construct but it's also biological. I suppose there are people who blur these boundaries and complicate your attempt to "define" what swinging is, but that's another matter. So you were married to more than one person? join like-minded individuals in The Good Men Project Premium Community. Learn the difference between PolyAMORY and PolyGAMY. :), @Ellaki My grammar is usually decent but you caught me at a bad time unfortunately :P. Vaguely accurate while simtaneously wildly inaccurate. It represents stability, support and, bizarrely, "I like my Maybach... but it's the Batmobile...", social success of being in a relationship, Laurie Penny wrote an article on her own experience as a polyamorous woman, again, judgement raises its ugly head, particularly in relation to single mothers. Some people find their partners and say things like "I couldn't live without you" or "you are the only one for me". In any case, I am only a writer, and not a psychologist. Because love and getting high don't feel the same. What Is the Difference Between Polyamory and Polygamy? let alone the consequences of their partner. During the first year of a relationship, everything is new and there is a sense of elation from learning about your partner and seeing the world through their eyes. 1 decade ago . Let's make your next topic about the natural feeling of wanting to hurt someone when we feel wronged, or a pedophile's attraction to children.. and then acting out on it is ok because it is a "natural" feeling. Heck... everything a Civilized Society has given us, is unnatural. I actually think the best guess is that the men would be in a group with many women and would look after all of them and the children. So hell yes it is. Pair bonded humans have a much better success of raising a child together and then passing on their genes to that child who will grow up to pass on his genes, etc. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. I think the people who have the least problems with this are the ones who respect boundaries they have all agreed on beforehand. Typically, swingers (or whatever you want to call them) have social gatherings where one or both of a couple may have sex with another person. Yes, monogamy is indeed a social construct. How times change! Her new series of murder mysteries debuted in 2013. @ICantFindMyKeys Dumdum does want gumgum. I really can't fathom how someone could fail to see the advantages, even if they don't feel inclined towards polyamory themselves Evolutionary it makes a lot of sense for a woman to take two mates. Science has no answer to that, apparently, although there are theories, as you might expect. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. You can break the social boundaries set up like so many are determined to do these days or accept their limitations and benefit from what they provide for you. We can't all get our hormones out if we need to nor want a midlife crisis leaving the family later. 10 Answers. Perhaps it wasn't so different with females who didn't used to live as long as they do now.


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