Contact me today and we can discuss how to take your RM4 to the next level! "I am no stranger to tales of recalcitrant techs and "it can't be done" attitudes. New and restocked upgrade parts for the KWA LM4 PTS Gas Blowback Rifle such as the NPAS System and Recoil made by RA-Tech plus Ambidextroous Selector from PTS Syndicate now at Airsoft Outlet Northwest ... "We've just received a restock and some new upgrade parts for those that run the KWA LM4 Gas Blowback rifle. Gate TITAN vs. WARFET - which is best for trigger response? My gun has consistently led the rest of the gear on the field with extreme range and accuracy, as well as consistency. It features the Type 3 hop up system that was developed for the LM4 to improve range performance on the field. The LM4’s stubby brother, the LM4C has just the right barrel length – but it’s all one piece and would require a substantial amount of dissasembly to replace. On the rear wired versions, the infamous "telephone cord" wire is not much better. During the upgrade process, Dan was happy to accommodate my own upgrades and alter his own to match them such as using a larger cylender for my extended inner barrel length. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. This chamber was designed expressely for R-Hop use, and offers a true top-down-center style concave hopup arm for perfect uniform pressure against the R-Hop contact patch. While the motor has been slightly upgraded on the newer generation rifles, it is still a basic traditional ferrous magnet type, and is weak in light of aftermarket Neomydium motors.My goal with the Tier 1 package is to address all of these faults and tap the full potential of the system while keeping the good - namely the immensely strong KWA gearset and bearings.Reducing FPS variance between shots and eliminating air loss ultimately helps to improve accuracy. Starting with the introduction of the original PTS RM4 series, I was one of the very first shops to take advantage of this new platform and begin upgrading and modifying it with the goal of superior performance. OptimusPrime. Tier 1 conversions for your RM4 from the website! Owners of the RM4 need not to be intimidated by the perceived lack of upgrade potential - rather the contrary... the possibilities are endless! The NanoASR can be upgraded to the WARFET at any time with it's simple and easy plug-and-play ability. I wound up choosing the Matrix Extension Set. With the introduction of KWA's new Ronin modular rifle system and improved parts support, the options for this rifle have expanded greatly, and now one can enjoy the convenience of multiple "hot swappable" upper receiver assemblies. It also slightly helps increase the trigger response time. Many of the myths and tales surrounding the RM4 (and KWA rifles) are only half-truths at best and gross ignorance at worst. A+ outfit and highly recommended!!! Custom Airsoft Guns by Black Swan Dynamics, Purchase the Tier 1 Package with your desired options. Shop direct at Modern Airsoft! The NanoASR is a no-frills compact MOSFET and takes up minimal space, whereas the WARFET will require a larger stock such as the PTS EPS or a Crane style stock. San Diego - Riverside Oceanside While many are satisfied with the stock performance of the RM4, I have always recognized that some things could be better: The RM4 is burdened with a terrible bucking design, and proper compression (particularly the air-nozzle) is next to non-existent in stock form. QRF MOD.3 80 Round MidCap 3-Pack *Pre-Order*, PTS Radian Model 1 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Rifle, NEW! Chances also are that you have found few Airsoft tech's willing to work on the KWA platform because it's often been derided as "100% proprietary" or that "KWA… I use my KWA as an inexpensive training tool for my real steel shooting practice (I dabble in 3-gun, etc.). Through all of this, the rifle continued to perform flawlessly. For users desiring the cutting edge, a Gate TITAN MOSFET can be installed in conjunction with an AEG 2.5/3.0+ gearbox shell. If you have landed here, chances are you own a KWA RM4 ERG, VM4 or Ronin and are interested in upgrading it. This piston has proven itself to be extremely durable. He even made sure the upgrades he had previously done are still up to spector! He's always asking questions to make sure he nails down what you're specifically after and does his best to make that happen. WOC kits are very difficult to get right but have infinitely more rewarding upgrade potential than a KWA. Important notes on MAXX CNC hop up chamber and KWA magazines, Note: cutoff feature is disabled with this mod. An aftermarket 30K Neodymium motor does the heavy lifting here and provides a noticeable felt increase in Rate-Of-Fire and trigger response. Long story short, I'm very glad I had this work done - my trigger response is now fantastic and I've still kept all the desireable features, such as the last round empty mag detection and working bolt release. It's been a while but WE ARE BACK! However, they are most definitely not worth the headache unless you're a gunsmith and/or a god when it comes to GBBRs. If i ever buy another airsoft rifle, I will absolutely go through Tactical Parts. The Electronic Recoil Airsoft rifles are back! KWA’s Variable Performance System (VPS) gives you the freedom to adjust your FPS without opening up the gearbox or swapping springs. We are the world's largest airsoft retail store, field, parks chain and distributor for airsoft guns, sniper rifles, gas blowback pistols. Additionally, AOE correction wasn't even an afterthought, and the thin factory pad on the back of the cylinder head can come loose over time and cause a piston jam. Username or email address  *, Email address  *, Password  *. After completion of the work, your newly upgraded rifle will be mailed back to you - shipping is free! You won't be disappointed! Take your KWA rifle to the next level with the Tactical Parts Tier 1 upgrade package, now available for easy ordering! The Tier 1 upgrade is compatible with the following guns: Wow. *Yes, I read & understand the Privacy Policy, Monday-Friday | 9:00am-5:00pm As well, new motor connectors are fitted, the fuse is removed and a Deans plug soldered in, further reducing electrical resistance. After consulting with the owner on what I was after (strictly semi-auto trigger response and better accuracy) he suggested a slightly different configuration than what is listed under the Tier 1 upgrades. and QRF Mod.1 S.E., were both wildly successful and ushers in a new look and direction for KWA. The RM4 is a fantastic platform, offering all of the comparable features of a gas blowback rifle, but without the 'Seasonal Affective Disorder'. We are now offering the best tech services in NJ and all of our satisfied customers can testify to all the work that we guarantee 100%! The Tier 1 upgrade is based on the culmination of years of upgrading hundreds of KWA RM4's and finding the best parts selections available for long term durability and performance. With any MOSFET installation, I completely re-wire the gun with low-resistance 16AWG Alphawire EcoWire, which is some of the best wiring available for Airsoft guns. Now my airsoft rifle is once again at the top of the game and I couldn't be happier. For the more budget-minded, an R-Hop can also be applied to the factory barrel with quite satisfactory results. I purchased this upgrade over a year ago at this point. The stock motor is adequate - but like the vast majority of AEG rifles out there, it too will benefit from the installation of a Neodymium type motor to improve the ROF and trigger response.While the RM4 also has some proprietary parts, I have been able to utilize many commercially available Version 2 designs and adapt them to the RM4. LM4s are fully assembled, no headaches and very decent out of … The plus aspect of the AEG 2.5+ means you can now install your favorite electronic trigger group and maximize performance to … KWA MS120c Adjustable ERG/AEG2.5/AEG3 Mid-Cap Magazines- 3 Pack. I was doing some research on upgrading KWA's and found most tech's won't work on them for some reason. R-Hopping is by far the best thing presently going for obtaining increased range and accuracy and excels with heavyweight BB's. We carry the largest selection of Umarex, G&G, KWA, Polar Star, Elite Force, Lancer Tactical, Tokyo Marui, AEG, GBB. A shorter trigger throw is only half the battle though - and that's where a new motor steps in. Every gun he's touched has been an absolute god-tier tank. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies.


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