Welcome to the second Commander Showdown! + First, Bloodbraid Elf does not belong in the Both column. The earlier you can cast Maelstrom Wanderer, the better. Genesis Wave Say you cascade into a Malignus, a Realm Seekers, and/or an Ignition Team. Click the add button on any card to start building your decklist. Cryptolith Rite Community Spotlight, ►You can support me through Patreon: http://bit.ly/2k6NJtf ►Like what you see? These cards *look* like they’ll help you out, but may actually produce negative synergies instead of positive ones! Temur Ascendancy , Any of the combos that bounce or flicker a creature benefit from If you want another similar effect, Long-Term Plans might be able to help as well. Mass Manipulation Now let’s look a little closer at these columns. That’s clear from reading the cards, but what might not be clear is that this makes a world of difference for how these two decks function. DMCA requests | Deadeye Navigator + https://www.patreon.com/edhrecast Follow the cast on Twitter: @EDHRECast @JosephMSchultz @danaroach @mathimus55 Interested […], #animar soul of elements, #bruna light of alabaster, #captain sisay, #EDHRECast, #elenda the dusk rose, #emblazoned golem, #gargos vicious watcher, #gemrazer, #hallar the firefletcher, #kaalia of the vast, #karlov of the ghost council, #kozilek the great distortion, #maelstrom wanderer, #marchesa the black rose, #marrow-gnawer, #reaper king, #rhys the redeemed, #ruric thar the unbowed, #scion of the ur-dragon, #sen triplets, #tasigur the golden fang, #throne of geth, #zur the enchanter Read More », August 28, 2020 by I like your deck quite a bit. The other card I want call out is going to be deeply controversial, but here goes: I don’t think Cyclonic Rift belongs in a Maelstrom Wanderer or a Yidris deck. Somberwald Sage is so, so good in this deck. Using a Worldly Tutor or Mystical Tutor to set up the top of your deck for cascade is very good. Submerge and its ilk are also quite the treat. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. The Maelstrom Wanderer is my personal favorite commander and he fits my preferred playstyle as well, so I wanted to do him justice. But this isn’t the kind of thing Wanderer wants to run at all. Support us on Patreon! This series is all about brewing and deck techs – hopefully showcasing the spiciest of brews! It’s not just good in Proshh decks. Maelstrom Wanderer Copied to clipboard. Brine Elemental Woops. Visionary sticks out like a sore thumb to me. TCGPlayer 1241.49 - 2166.65 . Your opponents may even go out of their way to keep your Maelstrom Wanderer on the battlefield so you can’t recast it, something they’d never do against a Voltron deck. Maelstrom Wanderer EDH (Commander / EDH MTG Deck) Updated Jul 21, 2013 by A_Person using our MTG Deck Builder. Alright, before I go, I wanna mention some cards that I think are super powerful in these decks, but didn’t show up in the Top or Signature cards. It doesn’t want spells that cheat costs, it wants spells that provide a lot of value for their cost. Clipboard (0 Cards) Card Kingdom: $0.00. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. + Unless you’ve built a storm list with Yidris (you monster) the typical game plan is surprisingly quite gradual. Bloodwater Entity Mulldrifter Remember folks, cascade triggers resolve separately. , and Privacy statement | Zegana will therefore get no +1/+1 counters and draw you a single measly card. Contact | This site © 2020 TappedOut.net, LLC Phantasmal Image. Copied to clipboard. October 9, 2020 by Remember: whether you’re wandering or wielding the maelstrom, always cascade responsibly. Maelstrom Wanderer is a Legendary Creature that can be a powerful commander – #EDH with it’s double Cascade ability! Copy. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). If you have a food chain or another sac outlet it's pretty brutal. Treachery is tons of fun here. But I just know that cascading into this card is excruciatingly sub-par. . Aristocards – Deck Tech: Maelstrom Wanderer Commander/EDH January 27, 2020 by Community Spotlight Maelstrom Wanderer is a Legendary Creature that can be a powerful commander – #EDH with it’s double Cascade ability! Help | Anyway, this is a Maelstrom Wanderer Big Value, Big Creature, Extra Turn deck! While both mention cascade, they handle it in entirely different ways: the Wanderer has cascade, but Yidris grants cascade. The last important difference is one I call (for lack of a better term) ‘explosiveness.’ It’s true that Yidris is capable of giving your spells several instances of cascade, letting you vomit cards onto the table. can grab all basic lands, Privacy statement | Kiora's Follower : Any number of oracle, drifter, or reef triggers. , and Wanderer wants a high density of 6- and 7-mana cards, to cascade into from Wanderer’s 8-mana casting cost. That card was in the deck for Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix, the alternative partner commander. Keep an eye out for the details surrounding those individual keywords, because they really can make a world of difference. Kestia: Maelstrom: ►Use the promotional code: MTGMUDDSTAH at […], #commander gameplay, #edh gameplay, #kestia the cultivator, #maelstrom wanderer, #mtg muddstah, #yawgmoth thran physician, #zedruu the greathearted Read More », February 28, 2020 by Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Cryptolith Rite However, if you have one lying about, Yidris would love to cascade into it after you cast a 1-mana spell. Community Spotlight, These commanders flew under the radar, but spiked in popularity much later in their lifetimes! , and The Baron has a slightly different take on how to make the best use of this haste-enabler here on #Aristocards. Erratic Portal works similarly, bouncing your Wanderer back to recast it for extra value. But if you dream of double strike and extra combat steps to give your spells four instances of cascade, that means hitting someone four times with your 5/4 trampling commander, so chances are they’re probably almost dead from the damage alone. Deadeye Navigator Send us your pitch at edhrec.com/apply […], #animar soul of elements, #ashling the pilgrim, #athreos god of passage, #atraxa praetors voice, #brag king eternal, #chandra fire of kaladesh, #chulane teller of tales, #custody battle, #EDHRECast, #elesh norn grand cenobite, #feather the redeemed, #ghalta primal hunger, #golos tireless pilgrim, #grand arbiter augustin iv, #grenzo dungeon warden, #grunn the lonely king, #iroas god of victory, #jhoira weatherlight captain, #K'rrik Son of Yawgmoth, #karador ghost chieftain, #kenrith the returned king, #keranos god of storms, #kess dissident mage, #korvold fae-cursed king, #kykar wind's fury, #maelstrom wanderer, #marisi breaker of the coil, #meren of clan nel toth, #morophon the boundless, #muldrotha the gravetide, #narset enlightened master, #neheb the eternal, #queen marchesa, #riku of two reflections, #samut voice of dissent, #saskia the unyielding, #selvala explorer returned, #snake cult initiation, #tatyova benthic druid, #the scarab god, #torbran thane of red fell, #traxos scourge of kroog, #trickery charm, #urza lord high artificer, #xenagos god of revels, #zur the enchanter Read More », July 28, 2020 by , generates a lot of mana. They’re the number one supporter of this channel! Playtest v1. Feeds | If you can afford it, Ancestral Vision. There is a minor elemental theme; not enough to consider it truly tribal. Maelstrom Wanderer is the opposite: it hits the battlefield like a cannon blast, bringing two extra spells with it to reshape the landscape of the game and haste. Yavimaya Dryad


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