One partner may blame the other, which may result in feelings of discord and resentment. Decide what is worth putting up with and what isn’t. Clarify that one person is not “right” or “wrong,” that there are multiple perspectives, and that the couple is there to learn new communication methods. ACCORD selects individuals who are warm, understanding, genuine, supportive, and non judgemental and trains them to a professional standard to work with its clients. Getting to know your partner well and developing realistic expectations of one another is one of the most essential things any couple can do. A therapist provides a safe space to express issues that arise in any relationship. Marriage counseling can help couples learn to communicate more effectively, whether it is the simple act of active listening or learning to speak up without offending their partner. Couples counseling is not individual counseling times two. The couples therapist is more than a referee and can provide insight, a safe space, and an objective viewpoint that allows a relationship to overcome obstacles and reach its full potential. Gottman, J., Gottman, J. S., Abrams, D., & Abrams, R. C. (2019). Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a legitimate mental health condition that must be diagnosed by a mental health professional. Therapy can help couples learn ways to cope with poor health in one or both partners. But, like all intimate relationships, it can be, well… complicated. People with narcissistic personalities are good at making promises (to change, fulfill commitments, take care of responsibilities, etc.). They listen to you, help you to clarify your difficulties, facilitate you to express your thoughts and feelings, help you to explore your options and decide an appropriate course of action. The effectiveness of marriage counseling is directly dependent on the motivation levels of each partner. Summarize the session and prepare for the future. If clients are unhappy ACCORD would like to be informed. Affairs happen for many different reasons, and up to 20% of people will engage in extramarital sex at some point (Barash & Lipton, 2001). Drawing on 40 years of research, Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman invite couples on eight fun, easy, and profoundly rewarding dates. In the process of marriage counseling, some couples may discover it is healthier for them to be apart. Stress is a part of life. Mental health concerns — If one person in the relationship suffers from depression, anxiety, psychosis, or other mental health problems, it also affects their partner — and the relationship. It can be applied to more than just romantic relationships as it emphasizes the importance of social bonds and support across the lifespan. If you need help and support other than marriage and relationship counselling ACCORD may make you aware of other appropriate services that you may chose to access. According to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, couples therapy enjoys a high rate of satisfaction. Whether the couple involves straight, LGBTQ, young, elderly, or mixed race individuals, couples therapy can often help. It is a brief counseling that helps determine if more intensive counseling is worth it. This can be physical or emotional. Couples must practice what is discussed in session and work on the issues in real life. Counseling can help the couple better cope with stress related to money issues and find ways to work together to solve financial difficulties. The Positive Relationships Masterclass© is a six-module masterclass designed for professionals to help clients flourish in social relationships. While tensions might be high and the couple may want to dive into what they see as the critical problems (or start blaming the other person for being in therapy to begin with), getting background information is essential. (2019). All ACCORD counsellors receive ongoing supervision for their caseload, in line with professional guidelines, and also training and continuing professional development in marriage and relationship counselling. Meyerson, J. Approaches to relationship therapy are varied and many, and this kind of therapy can help a variety of different types of relationships — not just marriages. This includes the number of years the couple has been together, current living situations, health issues, prior counseling, employment, hobbies and interests, and how they relate to each other. Loss of libido for either partner can often cause conflict in the relationship. Marriage is a culturally recognized union involving a legal, economic, emotional, and physical partnership. Emotion-Focused Therapy focuses on emotions and creating secure attachment, resilience, and healthy relationships (Nakonezny & Denton, 2008). This could be quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. All ACCORD counsellors work under the ACCORD Code of Ethics and Practice. Working with a therapist, couples learn skills like developing open communication, effective problem solving, and how to discuss differences rationally. EFT helps couples change their individual responses to strengthen the emotional bond and establish secure attachments.


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