on. Fraud is a great issue. <>stream TSC Staff researched this issue and found that much of this financial distress is just a fact of doing business mainly in the United States. Strong brand equity becomes a major support in the long term for any brand and in the technology industry, brand equity is a primary support that drives faster growth. The ensuing SWOT Analysis places these strategic moves in perspective and appraises the situation, which the company finds itself in at the moment. <> 349 0 obj Microsoft has a very large product portfolio as compared to its nearest competitors including Apple. <>294 0 R]/P 80 0 R/Pg 17 0 R/S/Link>> MICROSOFT SURFACE ACCELERATING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. Available from http://www.wired.com/news/poltics/1,12206-0.html. It indicates the need to revise the pricing strategy. TSC Staff, [Online]. With these changes, the preferences of the consumers have also kept changing. endobj endobj Innovation means recognizing a good idea when you see it and matching it with one's own best efforts. The ensuing SWOT Analysis places these strategic moves in perspective and appraises the situation, which the company finds itself in at the moment. The biggest weakness of Microsoft is that its fabled team did not anticipate the emergence of the internet as a phenomenon that would take over the world in addition to reading the market signals about mobile computing. It makes compliance with legal standards more complex and challenging for the business organisation. 356 0 obj Even though Microsoft is the leader in PC operating system, it faced a huge backlash for its performance issues in Windows Vista and Windows 8. SWOT methodology: a state-of-the-art review for the past, a framework for the future. Leveraging strengths to exploit external opportunities. Available from http://www.microsoft.com/about/default/mspx [Retrieved November 29, 2006]. Microsoft is a global brand operational across more than 190 countries and this is a major strength of the company. contact: support@notesmatic.com, admin@notesmatic.com, Enterprise Services, including Premier Support Services and Microsoft Consulting Services. Inability to comply with changed regulations raises the risk of expensive law suits. SERA'08. It is dominating the software market since then, offering software and hardware products, operating systems, apps and devices, Cloud computing, and office software suites.. Satya Nadella is currently in charge of Microsoft Corporation. Gates has the right to defend himself and the actions of the company without having to defect such negative criticism. A SWOT analysis for social media in libraries. <>299 0 R]/P 81 0 R/Pg 17 0 R/S/Link>> Strategic Change, 7(2), 101-109. Some examples of internal factors (strengths/weaknesses) are- leadership competencies, intellectual property rights, locational advantages and geographic presence. The company works with some of the most talented employees, who are committed to drive innovative product, service and process development, which helps the firm to retain its leadership position. The table given below provides some examples of each combination: Fernandez, J. Each of these companies have a strong market presence and good brand awareness, which can pose a serious competition to the Surface series of laptops and mobile computing devices from Microsoft. This is also a reason that its market share in the search and online advertising industry is much smaller compared to that  of Google. 19 0 obj While data and AI have seen massive growth in the recent years, the gaming industry has also grown enormously. (Microsoft Annual report, 2017), Innovation fuels growth in the computing and cloud industries. The internal environmental analysis can help an organisation to identify its core strengths and weaknesses. There is the threat of being exposed to inappropriate materials. The Case of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Going Behind the Strategy with SWOT By David R. King, PhD and Todd Peterson, MBA 2013 Volume 16 Issue 2 Following its development at Harvard Business School in the 1950s, the SWOT framework became a frequently used decision tool. A company of Microsoft's size may have trouble accomplishing this without organic growth, adequate leadership and sticking to the main mission. endobj <>101 0 R]/P 25 0 R/Pg 10 0 R/S/Link>> It requires the company to understand the cultures where they are doing business. 422 0 obj Mixed reality is an area full of potential since it can dramatically change the world of gaming, firstline and knowledge work through providing immersive experiences. This includes relationships with researchers that create innovative product lines for production. Microsoft is the world leader in computers, softwares, consumer electronics & services. Microsoft has made several acquisitions including Nokia in the past of which some were not highly fruitful. Insufficient budget for the marketing and promotion activities weakens the firms’ ability to expand the customer base and encourage repeat purchase. In conclusion, it remains to be seen as to how the recent leadership changes play themselves out with regards to the future strategic moves by the company. Every paper that we write is completely plagiarism free and is delivered right on time. The preceding analysis has made it clear that Microsoft cannot afford to misread emerging trends and changing customer preferences anymore. Our writers are all set to help you with Essay Homework. endobj MICROSOFT SURFACE ACCELERATING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. By using four different models to analyse the company’s strategy and competitive advantage in the market, one is able to make assumptions upon the strengths and weaknesses of the software giant. Microsoft is different because of their role in telecommunications infrastructure but it does not make this venture easier. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Your Deadline is Too Short? Microsoft’s Strengths (Internal Strategic Factors) This area of the SWOT Analysis model identifies business strengths or internal strategic factors that contribute to business growth and resilience. Apart from the competition from Apple and Google, the cloud players like Amazon, IBM and Oracle are also competing with Microsoft. 359 0 obj Appligent AppendPDF Pro 5.5 <>302 0 R]/P 82 0 R/Pg 17 0 R/S/Link>> Introduction 11 0 obj Further, Microsoft faces a key challenge from Open Source software, which was a force to reckon with initially seemed to have lost some of its fizz though it is making a comeback again. The decision making in the MICROSOFT SURFACE ACCELERATING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION takes too much time, causing expensive delays in introducing new products in the market. This has enabled the company to forge ahead of its rivals even though as we shall discuss later, in recent years, some of the sheen of the Microsoft brand has been lost.


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