Get your vacuum ready and get to ghost hunting! It's an interesting saga of friendship tested in fearful, difficult, and suspicious situations. Well, it’s simple. Detective Pikachu is a talking Pokemon who solves mysterious cases. You can play as the tiny heroes- waddle, hide, pluck, and chuck. Get inspired by other towns. Forget about finding passions; wouldn't you love to live your passions or go on a vacation of your choice with friends? Simulation games are for creative people who love planning, designing, and growing their towns and farms. Would you love to give gifts to your celebrity mii character? They can use this card to buy their chosen games online using this card. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations. This package includes championship mode and a super complete version for fast-paced nostalgic fun. Detective games are for smart and intellectual people who love to solve problems, interact with people, and apply their brains in complex things. If someone from your family is bored with playing the same old games, then the e-shop cards are an excellent gift option. Learn more. You have to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to beat this game. Do you love to be yourself and still would love to learn how to make friends and socialize? The game is based in a park that is filled with puzzle-like climbing toys called Pushmo, with little kids trapped inside them by a trickster. The good news for kids is that there is no punishment for failing. The game combines the elements of an RPG and hack n slash in a beautifully curated world. The amazing 3D graphics blow liveliness in many cities, towns, and charters. You can also live with your favorite characters and make friends with them and even become the director of their life. The high school drama is an interesting story of how high school students play this game on the request of the game master to pull a friend out of debt. During the questioning, while investigating the missing necklace case, you first meet some eyewitnesses such as a young girl and enquire about the missing necklace. Enjoy the best Nintendo 3DS games, get rewarded with goodies for unearthing secrets, and play new stages based on kingdoms. This is one of the best turn-based game series available on the Nintendo platforms. To activate these options, you need to first defeat Team Aqua or Team Magma by playing the E on the flute. From giant dragons to huge sea kraken, everything is your prey. Get your exclusive Yvelta in Y! During his free time he sings and listens to music. On top of that the games even tackles serious issues like the consumption of Pokemon by humans and they also bring back Mega Evolutions with new Z-moves into the mix. This game is the remake of one of the most critically-acclaimed games. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is an amazing Luigi game where Luigi is tasked with catching ghosts that are haunting the mansion. It was remade with 3D graphics just for this console so players can enjoy some nostalgia with a little bit of an upgrade. Overall, this game is a lot of adventure, challenge, and fun. Its 3D visuals make it simple to judge the depths and distances, jump the next platform or to judge the distance from a question block. Well, it all depends on how smartly she carves out strategies and their spot execution. The soundtrack is the life of Ocarina's action with the action-game soundtracks and the haunting music. You will frequently use your ocarina during the game to play little musical pieces to make things happen, such as change night into day, open up secret passages, and so on. The game has a series of short Quick Time Events (QTEs), where the Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) controlled by the games Artificial Intelligence instead of the gamer. Create a party of heroes and fight the forces of evil alongside your friends. Neuheiten. If you love being a detective and enjoy reading Agatha Christie's detective novels, then this game is a real treat to become a detective and enjoy solving a variety of interesting mysteries. according to President of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, the system will still be supported in 2020. You have to help the angel in his journey to defeat darkness and restore light upon the world. The generation III monsters look more alive. The flashlight effect is amazing. Bringing 3D to the platform world, Super Mario 3D Land is all the Mario we know and love with a real 3D experience! To get your buddy, you need to locate professor E, Gadd, and complete the mission he assigns to you to search his briefcase from floor 5. Discover Ultra Beasts and take on Team Rainbow Rocket to keep the Alola region safe as the Pokemon journey continues in Pokemon Ultra Sun. The gameplay is as challenging as you want it to be and the storyline is really engaging. These constraints raise the difficulty level of the game. While chasing Aipom during the fast action event, Aipom succeeds in escaping using a ladder while you, as Tim and Pikachu, use the lift near the ladder. Im Interview mit The Verge wurde Nintendo of America-Präsident Doug Bowser gefragt, wie es denn um die Zukunft des 3DS steht. The game includes many concepts, enemies, and items from the latest Mario games. The game is surprisingly funny and addictive. There are options for whenever you may be in the mood for! Showing off your creativity, your custom-built house and furniture, swimming pool, and your unique ideas will satisfy your need for expression, acknowledgement, and appreciation. Tekken Prime is the 3DS version of the arcade fighting game and it’s one of the best fighting games alongside Street Fighter. If an exciting adventure game is what you are looking for “Metroid: Samus Returns” could be worth having a go. 0. Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get to our list. Do you want to beat stress and anxiety? Have you ever dreamt of saving Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. 3 or gathering coins as Samus Aran? Download-Version (Nintendo Switch) • 24.11.2020. And with the option to discover plenty of mysteries behind strange sightings while encountering more than 600 Yo-Kai, it ensures your gaming always has something out-of-the-box challenges to take on. Some of the best include remakes of fan favorites, continuations from classic characters, and of course, a little something new. Not only the game but the cartoons, trading card games, etc related to Pokemon are very popular around the globe. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Then, this is the best town planning game where you can take care of your town and upgrade your house, buy things for your town, and keep the animal people of your town happy. Shovel Knight is a great old-school platformer for the Nintendo 3DS in which you play as a knight who slashes his shovel to take down enemies. Are you ready for the challenge? Live your life at your own pace with the liberty to do what you love to do. You have to keep your head cool and in the game to win all the cases in this game. It is full of characters, items, and activities.


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