Natural Calamities disturb our environment. So we need to conserve soil for a better environment. It is the environment which together makes living being to dwell and survive. The environment necessitates protection, as it is the primary determinant of survival. The environment facilities survival in various ways. The Importance of Environment in Learning. The environment means different things to different people. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! So fresh air is an important component in the importance of the environment which has to be kept pollution free. agro-smoke air quality is highly deteriorating. Pollution of water occurs through the runoff of contaminated water, poorly disposed waste and chemical wastes. It is the place where we grow as a human. It is our moral duty to protect our environment from degradation. We make friends, family, and relationships in our schools, colleges, offices as a part of our social environment. Water and air purity are a must for our health; as well as social gatherings and positive interactions are responsible for mental peace and maintain a healthy mindset. Being a commerce student she chose articles and blogs writing as a career because content writing is her passion. A very young environment Making sacrifices today of preventing harm to the environment eliminates dangers that future generations will endure. The natural environment consists of biotic and abiotic factors. For healthy living: To have a healthy life one needs fresh air (free of pollution), clean water supply and tidy surroundings. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! Pleasant living: To those who wish to live a pleasant life, it is better to build a home in places of environmental bliss like seashore or in between farms, etc. The environment is degrading continuously due to exposure to various harmful pollutants. The soil is useful for the growth of plants which are again a source of food to the animals around. various factors affecting our environment. Air and water sustain life and ensures a healthy life. This rainfall depends on trees and green vegetation around to shower as the clouds need to be cooled to form droplets. To scientists it’s the environment … The place where we live, the place where all the greeneries bloom is called the environment. Thus, we should prevent pollution. Better plants: Plants and trees are also key to the importance of the environment. individual and relations in the outer world. Free essay sample on the given topic "History Of Newspaper". Kindly have a look at it. The biophysical environment consists of the marine environment, terrestrial environment, and atmospheric environment. The environment consists of the biophysical environment, social environment, and man-made environment. Free essay sample on the given topic "Advantages Of Studying Locally". Economically, it provides raw materials for making shelter, furniture, and other products. It is evident that as living things depend on the environment, they have presented several adverse effects. Better water: Water comprises nearly 80% of total body mass. A healthy environment refers to the purity in air, water, and our social surrounding. From animals, we obtain meat (protein), milk, eggs (birds), honey (bees). Free essay sample on the given topic "Effects Of The Russian Revolution". Many epidemic diseases spread fast in such places. Importance of environment for Health. It may at our School, colleges, These medicines are compatible with humans with minimal or no side effects than artificial drugs. The different plants facilitate the cleaning of air, thereby making it sufficient to breathe and preserve the energy. Environment is an aura around us. environment consists of family, friends, relations we made to others as an In short, the biophysical environment consists of biotic and abiotic elements. Moreover, the environment provides many resources essential to life. The biological environment needs a human to interact with one another. Biotic factors mean flora and fauna. These calamities are powerful enough to destroy the natural and man-made world. so it is good for health due to abundant fresh air and low toxins and irritants. A person sitting in an office or closed room is prone to more stress than the one working in an open environment like farms, seashores, etc. It consists of all living and non-living elements present on earth. Destruction of the environment through, for instance, human encroachment negatively influences biodiversity by causing loss of habitats for different animals and living things, climate change, and pollution of soil, air, and water. In a simple definition, the environment means a combination of living, non-living, natural, social and man-made elements present in our surroundings. Stress-free: A healthy environment is good for a stress-free life. air, water, and our natural greenery are depleting. It results in typhoid, cholera, and other waterborne diseases. Therefore, considering the immense life sustaining contributions the environment avails to human beings and the other living thing, the least people can do, as a society is to save our environment. Free essay sample on the given topic "Why Do You Want To Become A Pharmacist?". Saving the environment has become a hot topic There is a very famous saying by Charles Darwin, “Survival of the Fittest”. The environment provides services to humans and other species, services vital to the well-being, the quality of life and survival. The environment supports our life. These pollutants are making our surroundings toxic to survive.


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