But, weak creature though it be, it has the habit of keeping diligently near its shepherd, of depending upon his help and protection; it follows wherever he leads, and, if it can only be near him, it cares for nothing, is afraid of no one, but feels secure and happy, for it wants for nothing." 1832. 12. Let’s examine what a shepherd does to his flock of sheep. Use the buttons below to get details on the Hebrew word and view related Bible verses that use the same root word. I don’t select the ads displayed here but generated by advertising software. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". He leads us to the green pasture. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". not want. They are difficult to deal with. And he ledes me in stede of pastoure,that es, understandyng of his worde, and delyte in his luf. For what would it benefit me to say, "The Lord is a Shepherd"? He leads them out and in, so that they find pasture and safety. They don’t even think for themselves! Because of herd mentally, they simply follow what they thought what is right in their own eyes. "The valley of the shadow of death" (Psalms 23:4). Psalm 23 is probably the most popular chapter in the book of Psalms. Other ancient Near Eastern kings also described themselves as the shepherds of their nations. The correct translation is, I want nothing. Our Shepherd is not just any other gods. It is not for the purpose, "Of upholding his reputation for fair dealings with his people. I AM JOSHUA and I’m on a mission to help fellow Christians build a closer and more intimate relationship with God. What then? See James B. Pritchard, ed, Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament, p164.] https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/rbc/psalms-23.html. Jesus Christ is the good Shepherd; the Shepherd who, to save his flock, laid down his own life. » The LORD [is] my shepherd; I shall not want. Ernst Hengstenberg on John, Revelation, Ecclesiastes, Ezekiel & Psalms. [ See verse text ] These words are some of the most-frequently quoted in the entire Old Testament. I have created thee for my glory" (Isaiah 43:1-7). John Trapp Complete Commentary Psalms 23:1 « A Psalm of David. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/bul/psalms-23.html. The most telling word of the whole passage is the little word "my." All other rights reserved. There is no reason for supposing that David limited this to his temporal necessities, or to the present life, but the idea manifestly is that God would provide all that was needful for him always. The idea of a shepherd is of one who cares for and watches over his sheep. 2012. Because "Jehovah will provide", Jehovah-Jireh. Before God can let us in, He needs to make sure we won’t hurt other sheep within His flock. The beauty and power of this verse lie very much in its composure. And that no possible mistake concerning him might arise, he is called One Shepherd, Ezekiel 34:23. David himself had been a shepherd, and, doubtless, well understood, and had carefully performed his duty, as such, to his flock. How to Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart, How to Grow Spiritually When You Don’t Feel Close to God, Trusting God – 5 Ways You Try But Fail (+ how to fix it), Another interpretation of Psalm 23 can be found here, “, For creating deeper intimacy with Jesus, read my guide on. Use this table to get a word-for-word translation of the original Hebrew Scripture. "Whedon's Commentary on the Bible". From the onset of Psalm 23, we have seen how King David identified the very Being of whom who is the Shepherd of us all. Copyright StatementJames Burton Coffman Commentaries reproduced by permission of Abilene Christian University Press, Abilene, Texas, USA. Still we must not, like Umbreit, who finds at once that the words, I want nothing, express deliverance from all spiritual troubles, mingle up the results of the grammatical interpretation with the theological exposition. The old Psalter both translates and paraphrases this clause well: Lord governs me, and nathing sal want to me. ( Log Out /  He has all that they need, and his heart is full of love to mankind; and therefore he will withhold from them no manner of thing that is good. Even those unfamiliar with the Bible may recognize this verse, which has been used in countless ways over the ages. Discite quam parvo liceat producers vitam. BibliographyBeza, Theodore. But the abuse of a thing is no argument against it. And Christ himself takes the appellation of the Good Shepherd, John 10:11. The Lord is my shepherd - Compare Genesis 49:24, “From thence is the shepherd, the stone of Israel;” Psalm 80:1, “Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel.” See also the notes at John 10:1-14. Learn what it really means to have the LORD as your personal Shepherd! Please open this to another tab, “The Astounding Truth of Jesus Revealed as the God of the Old Testament.”. Abilene Christian University Press, Abilene, Texas, USA. I. Eastern shepherds still carry both. Lastly, I get commissions for purchases made through my Amazon affiliate links in this website. Week. This writer personally rejoices in this psalm and remembers quoting it at every one of the one hundred funerals that he held in 1937, and upon countless other occasions also. (Worthington). It would be natural that it should suggest itself to Jacob Genesis 49:24, and to David, for both of them had been shepherds. "[14], In Zechariah, when that prophet appeared as a type of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd, he carried two such devices as the "rod" and the "staff," to which he gave two names, Beauty and Bands. Qwar I am siker to be fild, thar in that stede (place) he sett me, to be nurysht til perfectioun." The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. In the life of a sheep, there are a lot of dangers which are waiting to just happen. Now, let’s dig deeper into what Psalm 23 really means. There are absolutely no clues in the psalm which could shed any light whatever on these questions. God is the ultimate protector (II Samuel 22:3-4). As far as the metaphor goes, "the still waters" would refer to any undisturbed watering place for the sheep; but the human application to a life of tranquillity appears to be very much in mind. 26.) In the same way, before God can use us, we need to be humble. "Commentary on Psalms 23:1". God did not call the lions, bear, wolf, eagles, and elephants inside his fold. There is a calmness in it which almost reproduces itself in the mind whenever we say it. A very respected commentator, H. C. Leupold rejected this interpretation of "two metaphors," but he admitted that Psalms 23:5 does indeed, "Come closer to the figure of an Oriental banquet, in which the anointing (the head) with perfumed oil, was a courtesy shown guests in ancient times. This is the case particularly with Isaiah (Isaiah 40:11), and Ezekiel (Isaiah 34:13), who comforts the poor, dispersed, neglected sheep of Israel,during the time of their captivity, by referring to the shepherd-faithfulness of God. I shall eat and drink, and have abundance of clothes, food, protection, peace, and necessaries of every kind which contribute to the support of life; for I have a rich Shepherd, who will not allow me to suffer want. "George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary". A shepherd must know how to take care of the diseases of his flock and ensure that they are always healthy. negation); by implication, no; often used with other particles, To lack; by implication, to fail, want, lessen. He won’t let any evil come near them. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/tsk/psalms-23.html. "This is the leading thought, the essential idea; and it is carried throughout the psalm."[5]. The matter of this Psalm gives us some general discovery of the time of its writing; which was when David was delivered out of his distresses, and quietly settled in his kingdom. [Note: E.g, King Hammurabi. "E.W. Even some pagan gods were spoken of as shepherds. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. "He leadeth me beside the still waters" (Psalms 23:2). It is to be observed, that in both the cases in which the figure of the shepherd is first used in Scripture, the speakers, Jacob and David, were led to employ it from their own personal experience.


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