Thermion XP50. A proper pulsar trail scope should assist you to detect targets up to a long-range of about 1,800 yards. You can check out our review for more details. Some choose the Pulsar Core FXQ for it's ability to quickly clip on and add thermal capability. The new Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50 looks a lot more tactical than the Pulsar Thermion. Summary. Pulsar Thermion XP50 vs. Pulsar Trail XP50 Scopes; which is better? Are Pulsar Trail Thermal Scopes efficient for long-range shooting? The Pulsar Thermion is more superior in terms of detection range and image resolution. All the buttons are covered by black rubber, apart from the start/shut off button which is Pulsar blue. The Pulsar Axions Key, XM30S , Axion2 XQ38 LRF are our favourite thermal imaging scopes at a low price. The Pulsar Thermion XM38, XM50, XP38, XP50 & new Thermion XQ50 are great thermal scopes for those who like the traditional riflescope look. It’s made out of black polymer with a long rubber eyepiece to black out any incoming light as you’re looking at a screen. Styled after a traditional day scope, the Thermion XP50 Thermal Riflescope's all-metal (magnesium-alloy) body mounts perfectly with standard 30mm rings and single-piece scope mounts.


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