Some parrots, such as the Macaws, thrive on high-fat nuts and seeds, and will take great pleasure from extricating monkey nuts from their soft shells. More active parrots (flying in an aviary for example) can obviously handle a little more than those who live more sedentary lives. Unsalted, raw, human grade pistachio nuts are safe for parrots to eat. Out of all of the options listed, go through and check for raw salt-free macadamia nuts. Natural and wild food and enrichment for companion and aviary birds. I can’t find anything specifically on that one species. Macaws can take more nuts as they have a higher fat requirement Aline an experienced avian vet would be able to diagnose if there’s a fungal infection or other health issue causing the plucking. Hazelnuts are sold as either raw or roasted, and many are salted, while others are completely natural (raw and unsalted). Since sodium in any degree appears to be relatively harmful to parrots, it’s always a good idea to get them something that is light in the salt spectrum. There are so many variables to consider: but nuts are considered to be treat items for most parrots because they are mostly high in fat. Macadamia (the highest fat nut) has the lowest protein content of all the listed nuts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nuts are a huge favourite among parrots and are great as treats or a small snack Nuts are high in protein and fat. But like most good things in life, there’s a downside and if we want our parrots to maintain good health then a big dose of moderation and caution is required when it comes to delicious nuts. Organic shelled pistachios (raw and unsalted) such as those from Braga Organic Farms give bigger beaks a chance to crack open the nut, but because the best pistachios will ripen and start to split open on the tree, when you buy quality shelled pistachio nuts they’ll usually be in a partially opened state. Most nuts that are parrot-safe are also high in fat and the recommendation is that they are fed sparingly. Raw, unsalted, unroasted hazelnuts are safe for parrots. It's called the death diet for a reason. Parrots in the wild eat fresh, greenseeds and nuts, only when seasonally available. Can that cause problems that she would pluck, like if an allergy or mold? This includes all types of fats: saturated, mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated. and is it only one small one or a couple of different types of nuts? But it’s not just the quantity of food – quality is just as important. Raw pistachio kernels can be bought raw and unsalted, like the ones from Fiddyment Farms. Ida, the same food safety applies to all parrot species. Or is it a human product, or something you’re making yourself? The basic requirements for growing your own pistachio trees include: In the US, pistachios are grown in locations such as California and Utah. By knowing where pistachios grow well and where most farms are located in your country, you can gain some idea of whether you might be able to provide these trees with similar conditions yourself at home. You also get soil on the shells that can cause problems for your birds. Parrots should never be given salted nuts. Are all of those nuts and seeds safe for a blue.headed Pionus Parrot? As noted above, salt-free macadamia nuts seem to be the best option for parrots. Avoid fresh walnuts, cashews and macademias, though, as the shells contain toxins when super-fresh. Green with red and black neck rings. Smaller species will need shelled nuts (with the exception of monkey nuts – and, yes, we know – peanuts aren’t ‘nuts’ as such!). In addition to obesity, a diet high in nuts can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies that a parrot should be acquiring from other healthy food sources like vegetables. This is a very soft and light woo… Note these are raw, not roasted, not blanched, unsalted nuts only – the only type that should ever be given to parrots. Just to let you know Peanuts are grown in the ground and so are not really nuts at all. As you can see, the nut with the highest proportion of fats is the Macadamia, and the lowest fat nuts being the cashews and pistachio. She loves beef sausage chicken sunflower seeds. Can you please advise the dangers associated with feeding “roasted” nuts. It has to be one of the most common questions parrot people have. There are important nutrients found in hazelnuts, such as manganese, magnesium copper, vitamin E and thiamine. Other species can pile on the fat, though, and may even develop liver problems if there are too many nuts in their … Raw, unsalted, unroasted hazelnuts are safe for parrots. Great article! Encourage foraging and entertain your bird for hours with this natural Pinecone coated in a quality mix of Seeds, Oats, Shell Grit, Carrot, Coconut. In general: for the majority of parrot species, nuts are considered a treat or very small part of the diet. Hazelnuts come from hazel trees in the genus Corylus, and are simply the kernel of the seed of these trees. Good point Ann-Louise, I will update this article shortly with more research about roasted nuts concerning our parrots. Refrigeration or a cool dry cabinet are ideal for nut storage. But it’s one that parrot owners do need to pay a lot of attention due to the risk of obesity and associated serious health problems that come with having a bird that is overweight. Company Reg. Can i give my yellow head Amazon some walnut bread, i ask cause the oil that is put in it?? Not surprisingly, and like most other things regarding birds, there’s so much conflicting information out there regarding particular nuts and nuts on the whole. or is there anything about that bird that I should be aware of? It is recommended to feed one or two nuts a day for most species. Organic is best. All salted foods should be out of reach of parrots. However considering their high fat content, like many nuts, most species of parrots can be fed hazelnuts as a treat food or small part of the diet. Salted pistachios, like all salted nuts and food, are absolutely unsafe and unhealthy for parrots. Pistachio trees originally grew in the middle east, which provides some idea as to their preferred climate. I personally never give either foor containg peanut or the “Nut” to any of my birds. Fat is of course just one part of the equation when it comes to nutrients. Good quality pellets are fine for any parrot species Karen! The nuts offered to parrots should be unsalted and fit for human consumption.


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