There will be a maze of sunflowers to your left once the game starts. As you locate more Bailu Chans you will unlock additional levels for both Bailu Chan Hunt and Battle Rally. High Score:70,000 This trophy will require a lot of grinding followed by a lot more grinding. This will become missable due to story progression very early on in the story, and may not trigger if it is too late in the day. Niaowu Harbour, opposite end to Niaowu Hotel, near Super Tackle (red machine). Story related, cannot be missed. Tang Yinqui (man at the Get River Fish stall, in the open section at the end of Vendor Avenue). When you need to raise 5000 yuan for an arcane book. The door is cracked open. A brief cutscene will show 3 of the children hiding, and then you will have 4 in-game hours to find all 4. This can be completed after speaking with Su and obtaining the trophy Verdant Bridge's Secret. This is available after you've met Grandmaster Bei. Simply wait until the next day without progressing the story in this case. The lady needs help shopping before she leaves. 7. On your final day of training with Sun, as part of the story, he will finally agree to teach you the Body Check. Enemies: Red x 10, Black x 3, Blue x 1, Gold x 1 Outside the Tike Toys stall on Vendor Avenue (yellow machine). Go to the side of the Hotel Niaowu and a cutscene will automatically play with Zhang. Otherwise, you will have to watch for the mole wiggling before each pop up. This is available after your first day catching chickens. Follow the path to find a small pond to your left. Go to the pier area just past the Super Tackle fishing shop (with the fishing cormorants) and talk to all of the people here. Peony, Licorice, Trifoliate Orange along with Chai Hu Root. You visit one of thirteen locations and use the Chawan signs like you did back in Shenmue II all those years ago. Step 2: A Reunion with Zhang Shuqin You have to unlock this by completing the subquest "Ryo Plays Cupid", Bargain Buddha - Ceramic Arhat (Sitting) 2, Bargain Buddha - Copper Statue of a Military Officer, Bargain Buddha - Wooden Tathagata Statue (Sitting), Golden Buddha - Gold Bodhisattva (Standing), Animals - inside Niaowu Pharmacy at the end of Promenade next to Blossom Road, Balls - located outside the Arcade in the Port area. Enemies: Red x 7, Black x 1, Gold x 1 21. This is available right after you speak with the kid at the Buddha stand in the photo you found. Bailu Chan Hunter High Score:56,000 If it's a physical item do not sell it for cash, you need several of the rewards to exchange later for exclusive move scrolls needed for the Technique Master trophy. As I already mentioned, the DLC is divided into four separate quests. There are 30 different capsule toy series in the game. Verdant Bridge Aim slightly to the right of the starting position. Turns out the cat does not go missing if you do not consistently check up on it and feed it. You need to walk around the wheel, to the panel with a phoenix design on (with a sword slot below). Choose the fishing spot so you can obtain the Rumored Rodman trophy. The earliest you can do this quest is when you first have to catch a purse snatcher. The third arcade is located in Niaowu's Promenade district. There are multiple types of enemies that give you different amounts of points when defeated. Another location is in Niaowu on Blossom Road behind the Blossom Direct store. Ryo Plays Cupid - Beats of Rage in New Paradise. Hang-on and Space Harrier are both located in the You Arcade in Dobuita. Niaowu Harbour - behind the Ferry Terminal, in the back left corner, next to the railing. If you're good then you can easily get over 100 each time. Save before going there and look at the herb from a distance to pick it up. 16. 1. The day after meeting Charlie, you will automatically go to the dojo and spar with Fuku-san. If they start blocking your attacks then switch up your moves to one of his other preset moves like Breakout which is another strong move. There are 3 arcades in the game. After this cinema you'll unlock the next story related trophy. Roll it on Top is based on luck but this is the easiest one to win. Once defeated, you will complete the final quest. *Missable* Pier 3 next to Niaowu Harbour - this is in the section with the fishing cormorants, between Niaowu Harbour and the path to Liu Jiao Shrine. Ideally, you will be playing version 1.03 or earlier, as this gives you access to the quickest/easiest method. Outside Blossom Direct, which is opposite Liu He Hall on Blossom Road. Magnifying Glass (Prize Exchange, Panda Market) (required for the Breaking Wave skill book). *MISSABLE* Once you have these then you can play the rest of the quest until the end. Next to the steps up to Diner Jet Shin burger shop, opposite The Promenade Arcade. It's a white mushroom with a long stalk. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. They don't have to be consecutive wins so it's OK to lose. *MISSABLE* 6. You need to have the specified amount of tokens in your possession in order to obtain each trophy (tokens you have won and then exchanged will not count). 4th token with 'closed fist' design, inserted into 'open palm' slot. The old lady is looking for the Yamamoto's house, but her eyesight is bad. They don't have to be consecutive wins so it's OK to lose. Go back to Zou Leyong and give him this information. You will achieve this trophy after fighting your way through the various enemies leading up to the castle and watching the ending cutscenes. This is available after you acquire a VIP card to the Golden Goose. She's the martial arts woman in pink & white, often found practicing on a wooden octagon or stood near the cow field. Go inside and approach the second machine along, with a red toy resting on top of it. *Missable* 14. Another way is to obtain the following items in Niaowu and exchange them for the skill book called "Tiger Thigh" at any pawnshop, then sell the skill book to the pawn shop for about 80 yuan profit. Pier 4 next to Niaowu Harbour - this is in the section with the fishing cormorants, between Niaowu Harbour and the path to Liu Jiao Shrine. He will ask if you want to help him with Chawan signs. The final step is just playing the Big Wheel machine with all of the tickets you earned until you've won all 9 of the remaining clothing items. Checkpoints: 2 Long Track Middle of Liu Jiao Shrine - go through the shrine and around to the left of the first building. Finally, our Shenmue III walkthrough will reveal the location of all combat techniques and collectibles. Once there you will be required to play a game with some kids. Return each day and talk to him until you have heard all 3. Shenmue III is the direct sequel of Shenmue II, where you follow Ryo Hazuki’s story, in search of his father’s killer. Self explanatory. Outside Shaolin Supply, which is right of Bustling Diner on Blossom Road (yellow machine). Tiger's Fury - Acquire the Battle Master trophy Monster Truck (part of Car Set 1, required for the Tiger Combo skill book). Skill book name / item set name Available when you are told to gather info on Senary Road as part of the story. Trained under Sun and learned the Body Check. Once you have all that money, you can go on a spending spree. This trophy will require some grinding, but not too much. The Chai Hu Root can be obtained on the path to Langhuishan where you spoke with Shirin earlier. After your bag is stolen, you'll need to ask around to find the gang who took it.


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