continue to have homes, and live on to enhance the quality of life for I have contacted the Swift Conservation Organisation and await their response. materials, Swift nest boxes can be fitted to the exterior Repairs and maintenance may mean that the existing Swift nest places undisturbed location. 07543969 VAT Registered No. So in readiness for the 2017 season I painted the interiors of 2 corner boxes and 1 Zeist box black inside, using a matt black emulsion. My 2016 shoebox and corner box designs are specifically for use under deep soffits, which are over 200mm. A quick update. Very strange bird call that sounds like groan tube - with clip! Anyway, I digress! Specialist Nest Boxes Whilst many of us are lucky enough to have and to recognise the Robins and tits in our gardens, there are many other species that need our help. One of the boxes on the west side was successful and was occupied by a pair of non-breeders in early June. Likewise if your swifts fly straight in without landing momentarily, fit boxes with their entrances on the front without a landing strip. Details about how to make the nest cup are below. This swift box can be mounted on a wall, or it can built into the fascia of a wall. For installation behind the fascia of a wall. are more territorial than many other swallow species. Paint or stain the nest box to suit your location. Play whenever the weather is calm. Weatherproof with optional fixing points top and back, Hand crafted from Grade-A Western Red Cedar, this high quality camera ready swift box will provide a home to swifts for many years, This swift box can be mounted on a wall or just under eaves or guttering. Your building looks fine for swifts, but I think swallows prefer to nest under cover. I was wondering if anyone in the RSPB community could help me with a few questions I have regarding the viability of installing swift or swallow nest boxes? Find out more about the partnership, © The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a registered charity: England and Wales no. Multi-Storey Car Parks, Another strategy is to set up Swift nest boxes on multi-storey Swifts seem to prefer corner boxes if given a choice. Things are a bit slow on here today as we had been advised that the Forum would be off today for essential maintenance ... however, this doesn't appear to have affected posts but many people will be elsewhere for a while! 5 Although these smaller boxes are regularly visited by prospecting swifts they are rarely used as nest sites. These arrive in the middle of July. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Nesting Uniquely among our swallows, swifts and martins, these birds burrow holes into sandy or dry earth banks. and excitement to the historic environment, and nest places can be The square side access panels shown in the above photos aren’t essential. It also helps to stick some soft feathers (old feather pillows are ideal), thistle down or dried hay to the nest cup as a starter nest. I have rarely had to use them yet though! To get over this problem in Summer 2015 I decided to make a single compartment version based on the twin box dimensions. In the Zeist box the nest cup is slightly smaller than it is in the twin compartment box. We met with our roofing contractor yesterday as the guttering on the building in question is in desperate need of a clean. same with Swifts; if the bridge has suitable holes (and You’ll also need per box – 3 x 50mm brackets, a handful of 25mm galvanised nails, 4 x 25mm screws, 2 x 12mm panel pins and some adhesive. Old commercial buildings often house Swifts, but the birds usually lose most don't unless they are very aged or deteriorating) Firstly it’s a great help to have swifts nesting nearby or at the very least swifts that fly high overhead. If you plan to fit this type of box in the open replace the top panel with a slightly larger one measuring 150mm x 454mm. Company No. Click on the numbered sections below to access the relevant I have therefore designed a new box to fit under deep soffits which are over 200mm (8 inches) deep. erected either on their own, or else as part of a utility building, It can be installed on a wall, using the optional Fixing Bracket, or within the wall. This is the main reason behind my single box designs in 2015 and 2016, which retained all the good points of my twin box design but are much lighter to handle. Swift boxes with black interiors trial 2017. are lost or imperilled. will have been there for hundreds of years. Try and place your speakers as near as you can to your box and play it as loud as you can (with neighbours agreement). Swifts seem to prefer to nest in as dark a recess as possible, actively seeking out places which seem pitch black to us. Good luck with the project! However, due to the location of the building and the services coming from it access to the roof is far from straightforward. For speed and ease it Swift nests need to have at least 5m clearance from the ground and in front of the box to give a clear flight path to and from the nest. 3) If yes, what do we need to consider regarding the nest box type, materials, location etc.? contributor to local biodiversity.6 Church Towers and Spires. existing and new buildings. car parks, placing nestboxes on the upper levels out We believe that with some imagination and ingenuity, Swifts We spend 90% of net income on conservation, public education and advocacy, The RSPB is a member of BirdLife International. Maybe you will have to be patient until tomorrow but you will not be ignored!


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