I use makeup sponges damp and leave to air dry. Winner: The Beauty Blender offers many more colour options but Real Techniques colour codes their sponges based on shape/functionality. The bottom doubles up as a brush cleaner although I use a Brush Egg. Bonds of Beauty (all science articles here), Beauty In-depth Reviews & Ingredient Analysis (all articles here), A coprehensive list of all cosmetics you need to take on a holiday, including some health and fitness items | Bonds of Beauty, Paula’s Choice Resist Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 – In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis | Bonds of Beauty, Real Techniques Makeup Sponges – Are the different colours and shapes just gimmicks? OUT with the beauty blender IN with the Tarte quickie sponge. For me, an egg shape is all I need really and that cut off edge is, just a gimmick. Unfortunately, the brands don’t mention what the sponges are made off for copyright reasons I guess. The Tarte website does take around two weeks to deliver depending on where you live. Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ Foundation Review, Kiko Water Eyeshadow and New Summer Shadow Review, Follow Rosie Stewart Beauty on WordPress.com. And here's the kicker: The Real Techniques sponge costs $7.95 on Amazon. Affordable foundation that’s full coverage?. 3. I also asked Allure's senior digital editor, Lauren Caruso, to test out both of the sponges. However, she does have some thoughts on the specific features on the sponges: "I thought the Beautyblender was much easier to use because it's a tinge smaller, and it made it a lot easier to get near my eyes. But the flat bottom on the Real Techniques sponge was great for pressing in my contouring and highlighting products. It’ll be interesting to see if it works as well, as maybe the price is in the name, or in the design, material etc. I have a really small face, and I find that the smaller point on the Beautyblender works better to get into the corners of my eyes. Because it lost its moisture so quickly, it started to make my base layer hard to blend out and therefore quite patchy. Either way who cares about packaging right? This sponge gets three times it’s size, and blends makeup so seamlessly. Definitely changed mine, made make-up a whole different ball game. I mean, you can do that with your fingers too! I decided to do my whole makeup routine with this new sponge to test it out and see if it was any better. It's been a staple in the makeup bag for about 4 years now, and I never thought anything could compare to it. X. 3, Beauty Blender  2 – Real Techniques 1  – B. The price, about €2 cheaper than Beautyblender, it has lesser plastic packaging and I was intrigued by its flat side and top. I’ll have to pick it up the next time I order directly from them . I have never justified buying a Beuty Blender, but I have tried my friend’s blender and I thought it was great. I use mine flat more than damp just because I’m lazy and don’t wanna get up and wet it, but also because I try to keep my concealer full coverage. Have you tried any of these makeup sponges or found cheaper dupes? For example, if they were all the same price and sponge and I had to pick one based on packaging I am actually more drawn to the Beauty Blender packaging. Additionally, I find that the extra density of the B. sponge gives it a slightly more silky soft sponge texture finish to the touch. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Think I’ll give the B. Winner: Equal. If I spend ages trying to fill them in I definitely don’t want the bristles of a brush digging them out. The Beautyblender's egg shape helps a bit with blending, allowing me to roll it all over my skin for quicker blending. Change ), […] an extra makeup bag for them, a plastic bag or even a special case. When it arrived, I was actually shocked at how small the sponge was. It was early.]. Imagine what that dye does to your face and the water system. I’m not sure if they changed the formula or me using a different product it wasn’t working the same as before. The Hudabeauty Faux Filter Foundation – Is it worth the hype? That sponge is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Real Techniques has other sponges of different colours however, they are of different shapes too. If you get one, don’t forget to wash it with when cleaning the rest of your brushes and sponges to avoid bacteria build up. It has the best price tag, is dense, lasts for ages and applies very well. Even more to my surprise, the flat side of the Real Techniques sponge is not as huge as you might think. sephora.es €14.95, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Precision Makeup Sponge. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup sponges and I find them very useful, but not $20 worth of usefulness. 1. 1. Added bonus there. Personally, I love both the B. and Real Techniques sponges and to this day I still use them both. It’s bigger, firmer, and it has a flat side and it has a tip. Three months ago, a user posted a detailed side-by-side comparison of the Real Techniques sponge versus the Beautyblender. I was only half way through my foundation and the sponge had lost most of its moisture.


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