What measure do we use to compare the hotness or coldness of a body? In gases, molecules are not bound at all, so they expand maximum upon heating. The apparatus commonly used in the laboratory to show expansion on heating is the ring and ball apparatus. Because the molecules of gases are not bound to each other, the vibration of molecules increases when gases are heated. Our counsellor will call to confirm your booking. Explain giving two examples. (d) air °F = 32, A bimetallic strip is made of metals M1 and M2. Can you offer a solution that would do away with the gaps? Get a free home demo. (d) all of these. Answer these questions. Change in State - On boiling water, steam is evolved, i.e., the its liquid state changes to its gaseous state. All Living Science 2019 2020 Solutions for class Class 7 Science are prepared by experts and are 100% accurate. In the Celsius scale, the upper fixed point is 100oC, and in the Fahrenheit scale, it is 212oF. Explain the working with the help of a labelled diagram. Take the reading keeping the level of mercury along the line of sight. On the Fahrenheit scale, the upper fixed point is 212o F, which is equivalent to 100oC on the Celsius scale. Class-7CBSE Board - Temperature and Its Measurement - LearnNext offers animated video lessons with neatly explained examples, Study Material, FREE NCERT Solutions, Exercises and Tests. Due to this, the average distance between the molecules also increases, thereby increasing the volume of the substance, i.e., expanding the substance. Temperature is usually measured through the expansion in liquids. Hence, the order of expansion can be written as: Gases > Liquids > Solids. This increases the average distance between the molecules, resulting in their expansion. Automatic fire alarm is an example of expansion on heating, which is put to good use. That's why when solids are heated they expand less as compared to liquids and liquids expand less as compared to gases. (c) temperature flows from your body to the object A steel bridge expands in the summers. Let the temperature be xoC, then on the Fahrenheit scale the temperature will be 2xoF. (c) 32°F Why does a clinical thermometer have a kink in its stem? A ________ thermometer is used to record body temperature. He wants to design a railroad without these joints. Temperature is usually measured by measuring expansion in gases since gases expand the most. Heat energy is basically the energy of the movement of molecules. We get,   x = (59)(2x-32) (2) Change in state  A laboratory thermometer is designed to measure high temperature ranges; therefore, the divisions marked in between the degrees are not equal to that of a clinical thermometer which is specifically designed for measuring small temperature ranges. It is used to convert temperature on a Celsius scale to temperature on a Fahrenheit scale. It should be handled with care, as it is made up of a glass tube. The instrument used to measure the temperature is known as the thermometer. It is now cooled to 0°C. Heat is a form of energy. A timed GK quiz with multiple choice questions, Compete across the country with same class students, Practice papers and All-India level tests, Detailed performance report with recommendations, Doubt clarification, educational games and a lot more. Its bulb should not touch the surface of the container in which the material or liquid has been placed. (a) heat flows from your body to the object (1) Change in size and shape Due to this bending of the strip, the circuit for the electric bell is completed and it starts ringing as the fire alarm. He thinks of using much longer rails to reduce the number of gaps, and hence the maintenance. These solutions for Heat And Its Effect are extremely popular among Class 7 students for Science Heat And Its … What precautions are taken to make sure this expansion does not damage the bridge? This allows the bridge to expand easily without taking any damage. In case of solids and liquids, there is a strong bonding between their molecules; therefore on heating, these molecules vibrate but less comparatively to gases where the bonding between molecules is almost nil. oC = 30. Temperature And Its Measurement: It is possible to identify whether the object is hot or cold with the help of temperature. (b) liquid This is because alcohol freezes at -115°C, while mercury freezes at -38°C. 1 = (95)C2  - (95)C1 The Next Learning Center(NLC), launched by Next Education in Hyderabad, is an innovative after-school program that lets children have a personalized learning experience outside the domain of formal education system.                x = 109x - 1609 (d) direction of bending cannot be predicted. The expansion/contraction of LWR and CWR is taken care of by a device called Switch Expansion Joint (SEJ) at the ends. A steel bridge expands in summer. True of false? (3) Change in color. Putting the value of C = x and F = 2x in the above equation This is because heat can be converted into other forms of energy, and many other forms of energy can be converted into heat energy. (a) bend towards M1 Can a clinical thermometer be used to measure the temperature of boiling water? Which of these will expand the most on heating? Share your mobile number for more details. Will its volume at 0°C be V1 or V2? Its volume increases from V1 to V2. Heat is a form of energy, it can flow from one object to the other. Why is a laboratory thermometer not used to measure body temperature? Hence, for the same temperature increase, the increase on the Celsius scale is only by 0.56o, while that on the Fahrenheit scale is by 1o. All solids expands by the same amount when heated through the same temperature increase. Take a rubber cork with a hole in it and insert a glass tube in it.                - 19x = - 1609 Call our LearnNext Expert on 1800 419 1234 (tollfree) OR submit details below for a call back. Heat is a form of energy. This is the reason why one end of a steel bridge is fixed and the other rested on rollers with enough space on its front to allow it to expand easily. A steel bridge also expands during the summers. How are temperature and hotness of a body related? oF = 77


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