These tuners were gently used and in excellent working condition. Welcome to the US Store. Contact Us. Fast shipping and rgeat service guaranteed. T1Z - TonePros Metric Tailpiece USD$ 60.50 . TonePros Kluson 6-In-Line Left-Handed Tuners with Threaded Bushings. I can tell you both appear identical to the Gibson Deluxes in construction. TonePros technology and quality, iconic Kluson style. This auction is for a used set of 3x3 TonePros Kluson Vintage style tuners that are less than 2 years old. Exceptional smooth, tight feel; Modern sealed gear tuner; 15:1 gear ratio; from $54.59 SAVE $18.90 TonePros Kluson Tuners 6 in line Tuning Machine Heads Chrome / Nickel Right Hand | Musical Instruments, Guitars & Basses, Parts & Accessories | eBay! They were recovered from a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus. Having re-engineered the Kluson tuner, TonePros has created another product that has all the features of modern technology while still … The only open gear Kluson style tuners I did not check out were the Grovers, which are made in Taiwain and the Tonepros Kluson, which I suspect are made in China, like the Gibson Deluxes. LPM02 - TonePros Metric Tuneomatic/Tailpiece set (large posts) USD$ 134.50 . I don’t know for sure, but the casings look like the non-steel type I don’t like. TonePros and Kluson teamed up to manufacture tighter tuning machines that are more stable than the originals. We got our hands these overstock tuners and we’re … TPFR - TonePros Metric Tuneomatic (large posts, "Roller" saddles) USD$ 87.00 . WD Music Products UK. T3BT - TonePros Metric Tuneomatic (large posts, notched saddles) USD$ 74.00 . Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, TN26 2EJ +44(0)1233 820082. – Darren Riley's Guitar & Amp Shop Fender parts , Gretsch parts , Gibson parts , Seymour Duncan pickups , Lindy Fralin pickups , TonePros. TonePros TPKG2-AN Kluson Tuners 3+3 Double Ring Double Line - Aged Nickel Finally, TonePros has created Kluson tuners that actually stay in tune! TonePros Kluson tuners locking bridges tailpieces locking studs in stock at Darren Riley's Guitar & Amp Shop. TonePros Kluson Tuners 6 in line LEFT hand Tuning Machine Heads many variations | Musical Instruments, Guitars & Basses, Parts & Accessories | eBay! Woodreeve Farm, Capel Road. TonePros Kluson Vintage Style Tuners 3x3 Nickel Tone Pros - No Reserve.


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