ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS*Special thanks to my team!Digidonut - Buenave - and Nina - subscribe, hit the notification bell and watch out for my uploads every week because...JY NOT? Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. ⓒ 2018 All rights reserved. As Jamie reaches into a drawer which Uncle Roger observes looks very white, the YouTuber seems to be bracing himself for the worst. In 2011, while in the United States to study engineering and philosophy, he decided to try out the Chicago stand-up comedy scene. “Mandopop artist David Tao made a Youtube video reacting to it (my video). Must Share News – Independent News For Singaporeans. Uncle Roger is widely known for his popular orange polo and typical tuck in, phone case on the belt, tuck in, and the typical pants. Have news to share? “She came up with the name. Ng admits he isn't a kitchen freak, but he can cook simple meals for himself. This was then paired with plaid orange-looking pants which still retained his original theme but made it look much more different. All rights reserved. Chinese Sausage and Scallion Fried Rice – Another sausage fried rice on this list of 16 Fried Rice Recipes that will make Uncle Roger delighted. One of my favourite Youtubers Ozzy Man Reviews messaged me about the video too... which was insane.”. I love people who do new things with food, ” says Ng. What Ling KT attempted to do is to upgrade Uncle Roger's looks by making him change his typical polo for a Lacoste polo of the same color but a bit richer. It was during a recent May episode of this podcast where Uncle Roger was born. A popular Asian "uncle" Nigel Ng that goes by the name Uncle Roger has been going viral for reacting to certain videos of people cooking egg fried rice. Uncle Roger, a character created by U.K.-based Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, approves of famed British chef Gordon Ramsay’s way of cooking egg fried rice. When lunch or dinner time comes and there’s nothing to eat, throwing in a few ingredients and frying up some rice will usually save the day. Fans have more to look forward to as the ensuing trolling of the original BBC Food recipe led Ng to collaborate on a video with Patel to show that it was all just for laughs; the video is slated to release next week. Apple's Support Document Details macOS Big Sur Reinstallation via Bootable Installer and Recovery on M1 Macs—Here's How! $(document).ready(function () { Do collectors buy art from online viewing rooms? This outfit was also paired with a pair of orange shades. When I found it got big I was very surprised, and am so so grateful for this exposure!” says Ng in a long-distance interview from London, where he has been based since 2015. Uncle Rogers ends off with his criticism that Jamie Oliver’s fried rice is “Too wet, no garlic, no MSG, he break the tofu, no wok”, it is all wrong, he says. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Before you decide to make such a video of your own and upload it online, maybe take some tips from the self-proclaimed expert himself. If anyone even describes chicken as silky! Suffice to say, he’s no more impressed with the professional chef than his last celebrity host encounter. Mok was discussing a character for a sitcom script she wanted Ng to play. He won the Amused Moose Laugh-Off 2016 competition and was runner-up in the Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2015. Protecting lives and livelihood during the pandemic. According to Uncle Roger's reaction video, there were so many things that Hersha Patel did wrong when cooking the egg fried rice like rinsing the rice after cooking giving it a strange texture and taste. The video was about Uncle Roger getting a makeover which is something that a lot of people were excited to see. Want to work with us? Like egg fried rice in a wok, Ng’s comedy career really heated up. Featured image adapted from YouTube and YouTube. Simple, easy and delicious, egg fried rice is a dish that most of us know how to cook.  {{item['V1 Body']}} He made TV appearances on Rob Delaney's Stand Up Central, Roast Battle and Mock the Week. PS5 Stock Checker: Streetmerchant Bot Checks Hundreds of Websites to Count PS5 Stocks. When lunch or dinner time comes and there’s nothing to eat, throwing in a few ingredients and frying up some rice will usually save the day.  {{item['V2 Header']}}. As the fried rice cooks, he amusingly says. On July 8, Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng uploaded a video to YouTube, titled "DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video". Uncle Roger’s egg fried rice recipe. But I came up with everything else: the accent, the attitude, the mannerisms. ‍♂️_____________________________________________________CONNECT WITH ME:FACEBOOK - - - - She's the nicest person," says Ng. Read Also: [VIRAL] Uncle Roger Bashes Jamie Oliver's Egg Fried Rice: "He Would Be Beaten to Death" (by Asians). He hilariously critiques Jamie’s choice of kitchenware when making the fried rice. hersha patel, 77% “I think you can be creative! Ng is also the host of "Rice To Meet You", a comedy podcast where he speaks about Asian culture with Britain-based Swedish comedian Evelyn Mok. To be honest, I was happy if the video got 10,000 views. Yesterday (Aug 9), he collaborated with Hersha Patel, the BBC Food broadcaster whose video started this whole egg-citing affair. As if the first errors weren’t enough, Jamie goes on to put the chopped spring onions into the pan, to Uncle Roger’s utter dismay. “She reached out to me on Instagram. The last outfit that Uncle Roger put on was an orange coat along with orange pants and a Gucci shirt. Uncle Roger Disapproves Of Jamie Oliver’s Egg Fried Rice, Criticises All His Steps. Jamie Oliver uses a saucepan to cook the egg fried rice, to which Uncle Roger asks, “Where your wok?”. Until then, perfect those fried rice-making skills! After a quick search online, he humorously concludes that Jamie Oliver just hates rice after finding an article describing the chef’s rice as cultural appropriation. Utah's Mysterious Monolith Location: People Might Have Pinpointed Its Location via Google Earth. Steps: Mix 1 egg into overnight rice, mix and coat evenly. To date, the video has accumulated over 14 million views and counting. Tags / Keywords: Using a packet of instant rice does nothing to soothe his dissatisfaction, though Jamie’s tip to chill the rice before cooking offers a slight comfort. Do not reproduce without permission. Uncle Roger shot to fame after making a reaction video of BBC's Hersha Patel cooking egg fried rice.


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