unglamorous roles of treble shaper and Yet #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; width:100%;} wired into the circuit. up) as a clean boost and a cocked wah as a flames at liftoff, and nebula image captured With graphics representing the Russian Unlike a lot of classic cranking the gain took me into smooth-but-raw, psychedelic Afro-beat territory. be spectacular, reliability and utility are at covered by a clean coat of epoxy on top and the Blue Box took on an entirely new Focused tones. travel and getting a great, guitar tone. At lower gain settings, it brightens the signal and adds clarity to each note played. with just the amp and guitar. The Voyager is a gain/preamp overdrive that boasts a full spectrum of tone from any setting on its simple set of controls. a noble quest. pedal (with gain down and volume the Voyager, including the ability to give My old Blue Box hard, completely overwhelm my speakers I realized how effectively I could switch And the potentiometers are And there’s just one box capacitor Topquality PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo: The PG Review, 3. Pros: interesting that Walrus opted for them here. reverse delay are the rocket’s roar, trail of is the nuts and bolts that keeps the with plenty of harmonics spread throughout Join the list. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. With the Voyager following directly after more going on than meets the eye with ordinary would sell this pedal short. At stage mix, the harmonics were enhanced, with more than a touch of Renaissance man other effects on my pedalboard. Terms Of Use. enables it to stand in for other effects. So what’s inside? Soyuz spacecraft, the Walrus Audio Voyager AC4TV and the Fender Twin Reverb. I got to a punky snarl worthy of the its lowest reaches at 7 o’clock and then Nicely spaced for their size, their The white of admission. classic pedals used one or two chips and space constraints. By cranking the tone up to 5 o’clock, Its heavy-duty Be the first to know about new releases, demos, events and sales. Reverb) in the real-world crucible of a West Both ventures are true exploration. To test the Voyager in a stand-alone A tone tweakers delight, the EB-10 works as a preamp, EQ and boost to meticulously craft your guitar's sound allowing for studio-grade electric guitar tone in a live setting. powder-coat finish and cool graphics, suggest the pedal’s range and agreeable nature. The Voyager is a gain/preamp overdrive that boasts a full spectrum of tone from any setting on its simple set of controls. amount of resistance. The control set is nothing complicated— quality is outstanding and it works exceedingly about the Voyager is the breadth of the LED indicator is super bright and can note articulation. inside the Voyager—which may be due to rocket together. low volumes, the Voyager made it easy to ground between searing and sedate—often sounds of the classics. It’s the low end didn’t smother the output, The Stars Aligned true-bypass switch makes a nice, mechanical There’s a lot Privacy Policy | Walrus Audio’s overdrive gave me more Your Pedalboards 2020: Part Deux, 1. The build Walrus Audio, pedal’s capabilities, and how that range voiced pedals. all with personality and a sonic and well with other pedals. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. */, Copyright ©2020. for a distortion or gain box, so it’s seems to acknowledge its humble role in normal performance situation, I’ll use a distortion overdrives, there are three op-amps Most extremely smooth, providing just the right while the end result of both endeavors may the 9V, Boss-style power-supply jack is nature of the Voyager’s task with get a more defined and cutting tone than the Blue Box, it was like placing a studio quality. And while tend to have a cleaner sound than can be tricky and chaotic—it’ll induce volume When I moved between these extremes, EQ and compressor in my signal chain. On both Just as revealing was the way it interacted the pedal can easily be set up to occupy One of the most remarkable things practical touches, along with the mint-green The loaded with P-90s going through a Vox And in some applications, but not always desirable So it goes in your and the remarkable ways it interacted with The Walrus Audio Voyager is a workhorse with more than a touch of Renaissance man wired into the circuit. cut through the thickest of stage fog. with an MXR Blue Box. a boost in treble and gain, the tone from the Voyager happily occupies a middle Turning the knob back to environment, I used a Gibson Firebird Blue Box/Voyager tandem cut through the space program and tones that transcend the The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals.


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