If you intend to store your pears for more than a couple of weeks, choose a winter pear such as an Anjou, Bosc, Comice, or Winter Nelis. CONFERENCE England, 1800's. Comice Pear. Largish, tapering pear with a pink blush on sun side and some russetting. Doyenne du Comice does require a warm sheltered site, with other varieties as pollination partners, particularly Beth or Concorde. Comice pears are usually available September through February. Look for Comice pears that feel heavy for their size and test the fruit around the stem to see if the pear is ripe: it should be quite tender and smell as you would expect. Which gives me an idea…maybe I should start taking cheap common fruit, give it a new fancy name and sell it to you for super high prices. King Comice Pears. Comice Pears are delicately flavored and so creamy you can actually eat them with a spoon—and maybe you should, because they’re so juicy. Comice Pears. Winter pear varieties are best suited to long-term storage. Doyenne du Comice received the Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society . Comice pears are slightly more rounded and apple-shaped than other pears. Pears for the gourmet on your list. The pear itself is as lovely as it is delicious. Concorde is good for eating even before the flesh softens. Dessert Pear Doyenne du Comice fruit trees - The Queen of pears, if you are looking for flavour - the texture and taste are truly outstanding. 9 Large and Juicy Comice Pears from our own Orchards. Fruit is largish and enlongated. Choose the Right Pear . Known for their rich flavor and juicy texture, Comice pears are fabulous for eating out of hand; Comice pears are also an excellent accompaniment to wine and cheese. The Comice Pear is know for being the Christmas pear and being an absolute favorite among the well fed masses. Bartlett pears aren't a winter pear, but they can be stored for long periods, too. This is the same variety of pear that Harry & David rebranded as the Royal Riviera Pear and sells for exorbitant amounts throughout the holidays. CONCORDE Doyenne du Comice x Conference. With a creamy texture and abundant juice, these pears are a favorite for eating fresh in hand or pairing with cheese. This European variety produces what is arguably the most delicious pear. If you have a pear lover on your list, our box of large King Comice Pears makes the “pear-fect” gift. Send a gift of pears so delectable they’ll always remember it. The Comice Pear, Top of the Class in Taste Why Comice Pear Trees? Aromatic, sweet flavor and juicy. Estimated Chilling Requirement 600 hours below 45°F ; USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 ... -WHERE TO BUY-The famous gift pack pear. After a showy display of fragrant white blossoms in mid-spring, prepare yourself in late September for an abundance of the sweetest, juiciest pears you’ll ever eat! Hand packed in a beautiful gift box, this makes a fantastic gift for any occasion.


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