Walnut trees are very profitable to grow on account of their beautiful wood and delicious nuts. Walnut trees begin producing nuts when they are about 10 years old, but the best nut production begins when trees are 30 years old. Although many varieties of walnuts are grown in California, six varieties account for over 85%: Chandler, Hartley, Howard, Tulare, Serr, and Vina. Also, if your tree is water stressed, harvesting walnuts will be delayed. (7-10 kg) of nuts at an age of 5-7 years. Delay too long and insects and birds may get to the nuts before your do. Squirrels help bury more walnuts on the property. Good nut crops occur in about two out of five years. To speed things up, be sure to keep the tree well watered through harvest. After a walnut sapling is planted, it takes five to seven years for it to grow into an adult tree suitable for harvesting. But to grow and produce nuts takes eight to 10 years. Growing these trees from their nuts is a true labor of patience and love. However, there are cases in which walnut trees start to produce about 15-22 lbs. A black walnut tree is easy to grow from a nut. The average walnut tree starts to produce nuts at an age of 8-10 years. Most commercial walnut orchards reach their peak production level at an age of 30 years or more. However, it can take up to 6 years for a walnut tree to become established and produce fruit. Begin harvesting when you estimate that at least 85% of the nuts can be easily removed from the tree. But once established, they stretch to heights of 80 to 100 feet high.


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