The sent me a imp At one point, the Handyman Club of America, in my opinion, was a great club to be a part of. What? I found this customer service number 1-888-501-5752 ,they told me that they sent out a notice that they stop printing the mgazine. Instead of being a random lottery (members did not know what they would be testing until they received the item) it became a point system/bidding war (test a small item, and another, and another and get points for each review submission, then use your collected points to “purchase” a higher value product to review). I called periodically asking when I might be getting another test item. I opened it up and it was not a check, but a voucher made to look like a check for $24 wanting me to change my mind and resign up. But I believe the bankruptcy cancels that out also. (Shows GetHuman-49129 a list of common Handyman Club of America problems). He was under the impression that the club cover the shipping because the 1st book that he received came with a prepaid shipping label to ship it back. The HANDYMAN CLUB OF AMERICA claims that I owe them a membership fee of $24.00 for a full membership kit that I never received nor asked for. Thank you. It is mny opinion they should be head accountable for breech of contract. Then my magazines stopped coming which I understand was a budgetary move because of the cost of printing went up (or so they claimed). I noticed a slow decline in the quality and quantity of the content. Scrolling through the different tools you can review, most of them are the type of products you would make fun of on the really stupid info-mercials. By the time, I completed all this I was starting to get a bit irritated. I guess I should not be surprised, as free tools sounded too good to be true. The first thing that came in the mail was a welcome letter with instructions on how to set up my membership account and pay my membership fee. Scout Staff. In my opinion, they have not withheld their end of the membership agreement. I … And have not received a magazine in over a year now . How tacky is that? Follow Me On Your Favorite Social Network: I just found this web site. They probably have a website and might even be on facebook. So, upon reading this I gather that under the bankruptcy protection laws, we are SOL. No way to get help. GET RSS NOTIFICATIONS HERE, Unethical Treatment From Penrose Hospital, Does anyone have an internet provider that knows what customer service is. Not so, I had to go to a webpage, be bombarded by pop up ads, and fill in my information again, to get them to ship the bucket organizer. I paid $***. Now I was getting really irritated, I have to waste my time to package it back up and take it to the post office to mail it back or pay for it. Clearly, they do not want an actual, meaningful review. A week or two passed and a package came in the mail. If you have any issues or concerns in connection with your activities relating to Scout Media, including with respect to subscriptions purchased from Scout Media, you may make an inquiry and/or submit a claim at: or by clicking here: CLICK HERE. I became a life member in 2007. The final question was for additional comments. My output was under $500 and I received at least $2000 worth of member gifts, tools and supplies from the club, sponsors and advertisers. I have had a Life Membership since ****. I went to their Facebook page and messaged them through Facebook. *Also, please discontinue my membership in Handyman Club of America and do not send me anything else. As by now I`m sure you have figured out that getting to review big-ticket items would be extremely time consuming and difficult. I thought wow, what woodworker doesn’t like to get free tools to play with. Looking forward to reading your reply / answers. As compensation for my time to test and review the tool, I would be allowed to keep the tools free of charge. I think I received two small test items. I went to their contact page on their website looking for a phone number to call so I could talk to a real person. The letter was offering me an opportunity to test tools and give them a review of what I thought of the tools. They continued to provide members limited access to the website content with some areas of the website limited to “Lifetime” or “Master” members (I was a Lifetime member who then became a Master member). I have not received any literature, letters, magizines, correspondence of any kind in years. At this point, I felt that was not a sufficient response after all it has been five months.


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