Miller and his troops briefly encounter a local family that's been traumatized by the fighting and tries to make the soldiers take their daughter with them (and she screams and cries in fright). He is then killed by a huge explosion. Instead, we're suddenly transported onto the beaches of Normandy -- and later a fictitious town under siege -- in such an overwhelmingly realistic fashion that you'll feel that you were there. Machine gun fire mows down a roomful of German soldiers. Sex/Nudity It is possible to express even the most thoughtful ideas in the simplest words and actions, and that's what Spielberg does. Two soldiers (who are Czech) are clearly attempting to surrender with their hands in the air but are shot by US soldiers and then mocked ("Look, I washed for supper"). is eventually explained. A harrowing, gripping, and disturbing look at war and heroism set in a fictitious WWII story, Spielberg has delivered an incredible piece of work. Grenades are thrown back and forth and several people are killed and the Americans repeatedly strike a surviving German soldier. The entire film has extremely intense, graphic, bloody and chaotic battle sequences that are incredibly disturbing and violent. Later, a man is shot by a sniper, who in turn is shot by another sniper. Some blood but the amputations are mostly obscured. Miller (Tom Hanks) gets orders to lead his platoon into a dangerous zone swarming with Germans, to find a low-ranking soldier named James Ryan. Nonetheless, I cannot stress strongly enough how brutally graphic this film is. Obviously, the German soldiers are portrayed as having extreme cases of both, as is expected in a war movie, and the intent of nearly all of the soldiers is obviously to kill the enemy. While he's occasionally dabbled in that sort of cinema recently with the "Jurassic" films, he appears to be taking his "other" career -- of helming more adult-oriented and serious fare -- more seriously. Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. The U.S. top brass believes the Ryan family has suffered enough, and that their remaining son should be brought home safely. As the American troops storm the beaches at Normandy, they're met by mortar and machine gun fire that instantly kills and injures many of them. Heads get blown off, bodies explode, and people get stabbed. None. Why do you think the filmmakers chose to resolve the main conflict in this way? m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) Rifles/Machine Guns/Grenades/Knives/Tanks/Fighter planes: Used to threaten, wound, or kill many people. One of Miller's team is shot and we see him lying on the ground with several bullet holes in his torso. He says that he had her shirt off and was trying to undo her bra when his brothers shouted out for him not to do it (and the story ends there). The first time you watched this, who did you think the old man was? At one point toward the end of the film, Mellish is locked in hand-to-hand combat with a nazi solider, eventually ending with the painfully slow death of Mellish by being slowly impaled in the heart with a knife. The last 27 minutes of the movie is a prolonged battle sequence that features a lot of disturbing war violence and deaths of major characters. Mild Extremely graphic. Saving Private Ryan. With most of the war scenes being shot with simultaneously rolling cameras (from varying angles), four time Oscar nominee Michael Kahn (with victories for "Schindler's List" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark") had his work cut out for him (no editing pun intended), but does a fabulous job and should receive another nomination for his work here. (1998) (Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore) (R) By entering this site you acknowledge to having read and agreed to the above conditions. Rated R for strong brutal warfare and violence, gory images, and brief language. Others may say that the movie is amazing, but that the glowing accolades (which will come -- trust me) are too far reaching and that the characters aren't that well developed as in say, "Schindler's List" to allow this movie to rank up there with that highly acclaimed film. A male soldier tells another male soldier "I thought you liked it in ass? A mild amount of suspenseful music occurs in only a few scenes. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Anyone can earn A man's head is blown off by a cannonball (seen from behind, very brief). Needless to say, this isn't for the feint-hearted, but is an excellent teaching tool to those who've never experienced such horrors (myself included), and should be required viewing for teens who think they're immortal and that violence is what they see on TV and in most unrealistically portrayed movies. Several men are blown up or shot by cannons and musket. Extreme What other war movies and documentaries have you seen? Some may complain that the movie is far too intense, disturbingly violent and graphic. We see this for several minutes, along with the dead and bloody Germans. We give "Saving Private Ryan" a 9 out of 10. There's no sugar-coating, no "cartoon violence," no nameless, inconsequential casualties like LucasFilm Imperial Stormtroopers. This is unrestrained, ugly, and dirty combat, meant to make the viewer appreciate the monstrous human cost and tragic sacrifice of the Allied beachhead -- a price mostly paid by young men. Many characters are shown smoking cigars or pipes and wiskey is used frequently throughout the movie. Capt. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN opens with a harrowing, blood-soaked depiction of the WWII Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944. The opening D-Day scene is not exploitation, but rather a master filmmaker's true-life recreation of one of the bloodiest battles in human history, to make one appreciate the bravery and the loss. Phrases: "FUBAR" (F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition), "Smart ass," "Drop dead," "Nuts" (crazy), "Moron," "Guineas," "Shut up," and "Hard on" (sexual). Unlike most movies, Saving Priavte Ryan doesn’t glamorize war. Eventually some of the Americans make their way up the beach where they shoot some Germans, as well as use hand grenades and flamethrowers on them (and consequently see more people on fire). If you are a mature teen such as myself, you should be able to handle this film. Several other men during this catch on fire and are completely engulfed in flames. Enemies are stabbed and shot at point blank range(albeit in the dark) and a group of men charge to the center of the fort and are stopped by a canon that shoots them all. One part shows a man who gets shot and some blood gushes out of his wound. A nazi is shot through a wall by a machine gun. VIOLENCE The movie guide contains 15 questions that require the students to analyze the scenes of the film and to think critically about their answers. There are no testosterone filled heroes in this film -- just a bunch of guys, many of them quite young -- who are tired, scared and both emotionally and psychologically scarred by their experiences. As the men make their way deeper into German held territory and encounter varying levels of resistance, they ponder whether their or others' lives are worth the risks being taken to find and save Private Ryan, a young man they don't even know. NOT for the faint of heart. As the American troops storm the beaches at Normandy, they're met by mortar and machine gun fire that instantly kills and injures many of them. How does Miller regain the trust of the men who started questioning him? Even though they bristle at their mission, the men carry out the assignment, at great personal risk. Miller and his team attempt to race up a hill and take out some German soldiers in another long sequence that involves them trying to save a fatally wounded man. To do so, Miller and his faithful right-hand man, Sergeant Horvath (TOM SIZEMORE), must take their small platoon of eight men behind German lines and try to find Ryan, a near impossible task since he might be anywhere and could possibly even be dead. Even so, it should give you a clear understanding of the severe graphic nature of the material. Moderate


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