Take the role of a dragonsage. Gain hopes to achieve global domination, but fears that six agents may pose a threat to their plans. On the plus side, the explosions look great, with flames filling the screen followed by thick, black smoke. Her past is uknown, but in her present state she is a vicious killer who’s only concern is to hunt her victims down and crush them. The final boss of the game is Stilb, the leader of Gain. Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 102: Todd’s Adventures in Slime World, Psychic 5, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is Back. Overall: 8/10 While Trap Gunner isn't a standard death match game per say, it still has a unique style of gameplay that everyone should try at least once. The guns in Trap Gunner are best used for interrupting the actions of your opponent, although some characters can dish out a lot of damage with just their weapon. It emits a purple gas cloud that will damage anyone who comes into contact with it as well as slowing their movement for several seconds afterwards. There's enough time to melee an opponent if you want to either knock them down or send them to the next space (possibly containing another trap) or shoot them if you want the damage. They can even be detonated while being defused. Capable of firing a homing missile from her butt. Now you must fight each agent on one of 36 battlefields. There are also certain mind games that can be played on human opponents that won’t necessarily make sense to use on the computer, but this is something that can’t really be helped. There is some brief text-only dialogue at the end of a match depicting the final moments of the encounter. Hitting your opponent with a gunshot will even draw blood (OK, so it ain't Mortal Kombat style gore, but it's still blood!) In order to see an enemy’s traps you need to hold a button to enter a trap detection mode in which your character moves at a slow pace while scanning for nearby traps. While the story mode doesn’t do anything revolutionary, the AI of the computer opponents is actually very good. Bombs - Activated when an explosion touches their space. Each agent is equipped with a projectile weapon and is capable of performing a melee attack when close to their opponent. Mostly though you'll want to place them in otherwise open areas to deter your opponent from being there. Finishing the game with Van, John, and Tenrou unlocks the three sub-bosses for use in the other modes. Traps Edit. Disarming traps not only removes their threat but also gives some health back to the player and permanently removes that trap from the opponent’s inventory. Traps play the central role in the game and there are six types available with each character starting a match with three different types in their inventory. This substance is said to grant immortality to those who use it, but is known to cause dire side effects. Trap Gunner is a truly unique game; very few others play anything like it. When a character gets hit by an attack or a trap, they'll let out a yell of pain or surprise, and surprisingly, even if they don't actually talk during the game, they sound pretty good when they get trapped! And, yes, you can unlock a few hidden characters as well, giving it some more replay value. If you do neither they'll take a small amount of damage upon getting out of the trap (~a melee attack's worth). Remember the premise? The game is simple enough for new players to get into a match and have a fun time, but there are certainly plenty of tricks for the more inclined player to learn. The character models are pretty blocky which can be seen up-close during the pre-match loading screen, but it isn’t so noticeable when actually playing the game thanks to the zoomed-out overhead camera. The game’s multiplayer mode allows for up to four players and involves traps, but takes place on a single screen and is closer in nature to Bomberman.


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