Nina tries to cook from scratch every day when she has the time and enjoys trying out new spices and ingredients, as well as surprising her family with new cake creations. Thanks and Blessings But they have to be made right. Any type of sausage is a delicious sausage as far as I am concerned. It’s usually a convenient type of food I can eat with one hand if I eat it like a hot dog. I really like the combination of spices here! Don’t like them? What Are the Different Ways to Serve Liverwurst? Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Unlike many of the previously mentioned German sausages, rohwurst refers to a family of fresh, raw sausage products. But what is the difference between them? A second, less traditional method is to cut it longways, scoop out the meat and put the casing aside. Not only are they enjoyed nationwide within Germany – and worldwide for the most common examples – but Germany also has hundreds of local varieties that are unknown anywhere else. Here’s the skinny on disabling them. We had a schnellimbiss nearby on Bertramstrasse that served the best rindswurst. Add Tesco British Beef Sausages 8 Pack 454G Add add Tesco British Beef Sausages 8 Pack 454G to basket. Variants of this sausage have become popular as hot dogs in the United States. You’re so right about this leading to a versatility of products. Can you provide a recipe with ingredients and directions. Add some potato salad and you have dinner. Anyway, they provided you with this funny memory . Sai Ua — Thailand. Nina lives in Iserlohn, Germany and holds an MA in Art History (Medieval and Renaissance Studies). Previously I was only familiar with the American breakfast sausage, hot dog, and the occasional bratwurst. One look at these high definition photos brings me right back to when I ate them for the first time. The frankfurter sausage is thin, parboiled and made from pork. Types of Sausage From Asia. How to serve: Try it with a soft bun, some mustard, and fried onions for a treat much tastier than your average American-style hot dog. Some of our favourite side dishes for sausages are: No matter how you end up cooking your sausages, grab your ingredients from your local SPAR. Here in Poland, people laugh at how wurst seems to be German national cuisine. There also are a number of lesser known varieties, such as blutwurst, rohwurst and sommerwurst. Oh yes, there are even more – also local – varieties of sausages that are not as popular as these ones. I often find it expensive, thus, I’ve never gotten around to buying them on my own, except probably of the Franks. Unfortunately, they are not exported and I cannot find these sausages here in the US. One of my funniest childhood memories is sitting across the table from my sister at our grandparent’s house and watching her stab into a German sausage, only to be squirted in the face with a stream of fat and liquid that had been trapped beneath the skin It’s normally not my favourite food, but I see now that out of all the varieties I like the scalded style best. This means taking it into your hand and sucking out the meat with your teeth. I think that one offers a lot to try and taste, and together with sauerkraut and mustard, you’ve got a special kind of German eating experience, right? The German food culture is one of the things we miss about being stationed there. Grill or sauté the Italian sausage as you would a bratwurst and serve on a roll with onions and peppers, or served sliced, sautéed sausage on top of a pizza. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Harvest Jams and Jellies: 4 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Sweet Spreads, Preventative Maintenance and Cleaning of an Espresso Machine,, The Only Coleslaw Recipe You’ll Ever Need. Stew together your sausages with bacon, yellow peppers and beef stock. Great that your visit to the restaurant has influenced your hot dog-habit, sounds yummy to me, too! Thanks, glad you like it. If you find a product labelled “Original Nürnberger Rostbratwurst,” you can be sure that it was made in the urban area of Nuremberg and was produced following a specific recipe that has been enforced by law. The casing is usually not eaten. Any idea has to type of wurst?? The term bratwurst describes a family of German sausages made from beef or pork. I make my own sausages at home but cannot find a recipe to make rindswurst. But be sure to not make the biggest mistake of all: Eating a Weisswurst is not as simple as it seems. I only see these meats at the specialty/gourmet section at our local grocery. I really enjoy being somewhere else and trying a sausage I know by its name from home, too. Most knockwurst recipes call for the meat to be mixed with seasonings and aged for several days before being smoked. But the sausage can be so much more than just three staple meals. This sausage is often reheated on the grill or in a pan on the stove. In 1827, a dictionary explained the term “Bockwurst” as a combination of sausage and bock beer. Do you have a favorite recipe? Bratwurst would be one of my favorites, too. My best experience with it was at an authentic German restaurant in San Francisco on a trip with my German class. A humble ingredient, sausages are perfect with mash, on a BBQ or in a soft bread bun. You can tell a Chipolata sausage by its long, thin shape. I have never heard of weisswursts before reading this post. “Germany, a country of sausages.” Have you heard this phrase before? These small sausages are real all-rounders – serve at breakfast, dinner, or whenever. How to serve: A hearty combination with mashed potatoes and fried cabbage or roasted vegetables works best. Some of these I have never tried, but they all sound good. Not a fan of gravy and mash? The Lincolnshire sausage uses sage as its main ingredient, meaning it has a very distinctive taste. They are very popular companions for lots of dishes and occasions. There are thin and long ones we love eating during hikes or picnics, and thicker varieties go into soups, stews or elso, especially in autumn and winter. But the tastes are as different as day and night. Mostly, what you serve with your sausage-based dishes will be down to taste (and how many tiny picky eaters you’re cooking for). How to serve: For the true authentic experience, serve with pretzels, sweet mustard and a cold beer. You can easily distinguish it from other varieties by its size. Thanks for an interesting article. 20 Sausages. According to EU regulations (yes, they actually deal with these kinds of things) this type has to be at least 6 inches long. So the jumbo wiener-like wiener is really an Oktoberfest sausage? Share your tips below! The more you know! I would so much appreciate it. Served on brotchen along with pommes frites with mayonnaise (of course). It’s fascinating that all those sausages have different textures and flavors, the first one is also a favorite of mine. They are firm and some types can be enjoyed cold. Ah yes, a discussion about meat.


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