Menuet for keyboard in G major (Wq 116:30), H 305. Menuet for keyboard in D major (Wq 116:35), H 310. Gedanken eines Liebhabers der Tonkunst über Herrn, H 874. 3 Choräle des Schleswigen Gesangbuchs, H 845. Herrn Pastors Sturm Einführungsmusik (lost), H 821j. Keyboard Sonata in G major (Wq 50:2), H 138. Sonntage nach Trinitatis, H 818.5. Keyboard Concerto in G major (Wq 3), H 406. Keyboard Concerto in E major (Wq 14), H 418. Only three of his children lived to adulthood and none became musicians. Keyboard Sonata in G major (Wq 51:6), H 63. Fantasia for keyboard in D major (Wq 112:2, 117:8), H 145. Keyboard Concerto in F major (Wq 43:1), H 472. Duet for harpsichords in A minor (Wq 115:3), H 613. Alla polacca for keyboard in G minor (Wq 112:11, 116:12), H 169. In this case the oddities give an unusual colour to the music’s Rococo charm, without seriously disrupting it. March for winds in C major (Wq 185:2), H 616. Herrn Pastors Gasie Einführungsmusik (Wq 250), H 821m. Rondo for keyboard in E minor (Wq 66), H 275. Der Zufriedne in D major (Wq 199:10), H 672. Le flegmatique en colère for keyboard in G minor, H 389. Sonatina for keyboard & orchestra in D major (Wq 96), H 450. Keyboard Concerto in A major (Wq 19), H 423. Like many composers, Bach kept his most original thoughts for the keyboard, and in this piece we feel as if we’re eavesdropping on him at his clavichord, allowing one idea to lead to another, occasionally breaking off in mid-thought and starting something new – though at the end he does finally make it back to the home key. His first job was with Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia. Duet for harpsichords in F major (Wq 115:2), H 612. Sinfonia for keyboard in B flat major, H 359. Die Trennung in D minor (Wq 202:O4), H 744. Arioso con variazioni in F major (Wq 118:4), H 55. Alla polacca for keyboard in A minor (Wq 113:5), H 198. Sonntage nach Trinitatis, H 819. This cantata sets a text by the German poet Klopstock which glorifies the sunrise as a symbol of the Resurrection. H 16. La Borchward for keyboard in G major (Wq 117:17), H 80. Trio Sonata in B flat major (Wq 158), H 587. Keyboard Concerto in B flat major (Wq 10), H 414. Todtengräberlied in D minor (Wq 200:1), H 747. Keyboard Concerto in D major (Wq 43:2), H 473. Fantasia for keyboard in E flat major, H 342. Allegro di molto for keyboard in A major (Wq 116:36), H 311. [3] They do not however reflect parallel chronologies in Bach's works. Keyboard Sonatina in E minor (Wq 65:4), H 7. The solemn opening sunrise anticipates the more famous dawn in Haydn’s Creation by 15 years. Allegro for keyboard in C major (Wq 116:51), H 326. Alla polacca for keyboard in D major (Wq 114:5), H 233. Zwey Litaneyen aus dem Schleswig-Holsteinischen Gesangbuch, H 872. Gellert's Sacred Odes & Lieder (Wq 195), H 698. Zeige du mir deine Wege in C major (Wq 223), H 833. Andante for keyboard in C major (Wq 114:10), H 238. Vom Leiden des Erlösers in G minor (Wq 202:C5), H 714. He was one of four Bach children to become professional musicians, all of them trained by their father. Keyboard Sonatas in Mus. Keyboard Concerto in B minor (Wq 30), H 441. Keyboard Sonata in D minor (Wq 54:3), H 185. March for winds in D major (Wq 185:1), H 615. Keyboard Sonatina in A minor (Wq 64:3), H 10. Fugue for organ in G minor (Wq 112:19, 119:5), H 89. “Emanuel” Bach, as he was known, left around a thousand pieces, many of them startlingly original in a way that can be hard to follow. L'Aly Rupalic* H for keyboard in C major (Wq 117:27), H 96. Fantasia for keyboard in G major (Wq 117:11), H 224. Fugue for keyboard in B flat major, H 375. Keyboard Sonata in D minor (Wq 50:4), H 140. Arioso for keyboard in C major (Wq 113:2), H 195. But in his eccentric way the critic was only expressing what everyone thought. Merkt und seht in C major (incomplete), H 839. Keyboard Sonata in B flat major (Wq 65:34), H 153. CPE Bach was once more famous than his father, the great JS Bach. (, A. Wotquenne: Thematisches Verzeichnis der Werke von Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714–1788) (Leipzig, 1905/R), E.E. Keyboard Sonata in G major (Wq 65:15), H 44. Quartet for flute & piano trio in G major (Wq 95), H 540. Die märkische Helene in D major (Wq 199:14), H 677. Le petit maître for keyboard in F major, H 388. Passionslied in A flat major (Wq 202:C12), H 724. Klagen einer Schäferin in B minor (Wq 202:C6), H 715. Andante e Allabreve for keyboard, H 371.7. In 1989 E. Eugene Helm produced a revised catalogue, and H numbers are now also used. Menuet for keyboard in F major (Wq 113:4), H 197. Flute Sonata in E flat major (Bwv 1031), H 552. Keyboard Sonata in D minor (Wq 62:15), H 106. Sonata di Preludio e Fuga for keyboard in F major, H 373. Various accompagnatos to other composers' works (lost), H 856. Keyboard Concerto in D minor (Wq 17), H 421. Keyboard Sonata in B flat major (Wq 50:5), H 127. Symphonies & divertimentos by J.C. Bach, H 671. Langsam und traurig for keyboard in A minor (Wq 116:50), H 325. Fantasia for keyboard in E minor, H 371.9. I. Die Küsse in B flat major (Wq 199:4), H 676. Fantasia for keyboard in F sharp minor (Wq 67), H 301. This listing also conforms substantially to the works given by Grove's Music Online [4] .


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