Ready to "step out of the box" and try something new?Bayberry Quilters September Workshop"Self-Portraits" with Mary Lou Weidman9/25 Wednesday afternoon 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm and9/26 Thursday 9:30 am - 3:30 pm (1 1/2 days) $95.00 Bayberry members $120 non-members. :0) I am so inspired with ideas this week I cannot tell you- I am bursting to share and help you stretch!! Mary, thank you for sharing your love of quilting. WE ARE MAKING A PERSON AND THEY CAN BE WHO YOU ARE INSIDE! I met so many wonderful and kind people plus Taos was amazing and to me when I was a little bit alone, very spiritual. I am on my way to Dallas in the Morning for a lecture and then self portraits. Thanks again, Marie Schlameus Chapter Coordinator Quilts For Kids Round Rock Texas. Love this pattern and your quilts are so cheerful! We’re using it to make a queen-sized quilt for a grandson. I have been taking time to open doors, help them lift things , put away their grocery cart etc. Thanks for the Strippie pattern. Grandma marys five patch quilt pattern like the colorful one in extra images. I must do at least ten and they can't be anything I said in the past couple of weeks. Thanks for making it available. I am working on embellishing a quilt about where my husband and I met and the lakes and oceans we enjoyed that first year together. They are simple and give you a chance to jump off of creativity. When we know better, we do better. “Hoochy Twochy” is at the printers but most likely with their schedule it will not be done until after Christmas. We can do some really great and prize winning things. Full size appliqué pattern. More informations Accept. It has a darling scarecrow and a cat and a chicken and pumpkins. It is such a nice quilt too! Mary thank you for posting these patterns. Accueil » Shop » Patrons » Template pack for the Mary Mary quilt. Anyway, I will be doing this in Mississippi this week! Since I do not quilt, I simply use the cotton strip pattern for the front, and then a fleece back (blues & greens). I do not use glue or fusibles normally but I like stretching and doing things that are out of my comfort zone. :0)   Stay warm dear friend and for your girls in the East like Atlanta and South Caroline, stay COOL! I moved away in 9th grade. This is perfect!!!! :0) I am a process teacher and this is the process. Can’t wait to find some landscape fabrics. But when it’s put together like this, it makes the perfect medium. He knows he got a prize and buys her flowers weekly, writes her poetry and is interested in what she is interested in. The more stash fabrics the better to make this five patch 61 x 72 quilt. I will be bringing tiaras and fun things and quilts you can see up close. We have a field trip I love going to Coeur d'Alene for adventure and beauty and fabric and great food at the Coeur d'Alene Hotel which is lovely. I think I have waited to late to announce and there are people interested now in signing up and planning a fun trip to see this part of the world, tell their stories for history, Meet new lifetime friends, visit great shops, see Farm Chicks, visit Coeur d'Alene Idaho, see my studio, enjoy great food, and other surprises. It fills many buildings and has everything you could imagine. Along with the bad weather comes happiness with time to sit and applique and piece quilts for classes next year! There are alot of sad people out there and my theory is if we are happy we can share our smiles and goodness with those that need them. Just a yard of a novelty print and two coordinating fabrics from stash and it always looks so cute! Friends and Quilts are my favorites along with great colors and embellishments and giggles. I am giving out a nice prize of pretty fabrics to the person with the best idea. My goodness no year has gone faster than that year! The paper pieced design finishes at 24″ x 36″, making a large lap-sized quilt. Hi Mary, God bless you today. Two weeks after that I will be hosting girls from all over the US, Canada and a part time resident of Germany. This is a wonderful pattern, I’m going to start making these for our local shelter. SIMPLY EMAIL ME AT LATTEGIRL@AOL.COM, NEW ADDRESS! You mean alot to me and I am thankful for my friends and pray for them. My goal is to trim them without losing a lot of the width. A lovely place to learn and stretch and have time to think about who you are as an artist and a quilter and as a person. I am putting photos of my backyard on my blog and showing things I am doing this summer! Have wanted something attractive when finished yet easy with lots of free motion quilting room. They are lovely to work with! :0). Click here to download Quick Strippie (PDF file).


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