The following guide is broadly written to the standards of BRE365 (UK soakaway design digest.). What is a soakaway? Download the Percolation Test Results Sheet HERE. ����������:c��~�[~��܍��T��Y甍�/���� ,B��7��l��������8�N?$"����P�=��Qv���ȝ�2v�*�u?��s��Bur��W�ݍ�:+���e��:����t�8N��X��|�. A Soakaway is an area underground where rainwater can infiltrate into the soil. Each test can use in excess of 200L. What to do if your site cannot accept a soakaway. The depth of the pit should be 30cm lower than the depth of the soakaway once installed. Stormwater is passed through a self cleaning filter and held within a tank. What systems are available? A percolation test is also known as a soil porosity test. Thus preventing it backing up and causing flooding. Send the results sheet to The presoak takes place the night before the percolation test. I know my husband was quite anxious to get the percolation test results because there weren't very many options where we could dig the laterals for the septic system. %�쏢 By providing the raw data, one of our team can convert the test pit size and drainage times into a percolation rate. The results from the test allow a drainage engineer to decide if a soakaway is suitable and if so, recommend the correct size. Locate the test pits where you are planning to install the soakaway system and dig to the planned depth below ground. If unsure, seek specialist advice. The official confirms that the test was conducted properly, notes down the readings, and issues a formal report after the test is concluded. Below we will outline how to perform a percolation test for foul water. During the timed testing only the volume between the top 25% and the bottom 25% are taken into consideration. Before we began building, we had to have a well dug and a soil percolation test done for the septic system. SuDS systems? sometimes refered to as ‘storm attenuation’ reduce the rate of water entering the drainage system. Each pit should have a minimum footprint of 0.3m x 1m. Use this averaged Vp figure in the following formula P x Vp x 0.25 = A . If the pit has not emptied completely after 24 hours, a soakaway is not suitable. Why use ‘crate’ soakaways rather than a traditional rubble filled pit? (If there is one) ask permission to connect your development to the sewer/drainage network. Measure the depth of the pit then divide by 4. Area (A) = V X P X 0.25 for septic tanks. For example, the results of the test may indicate that a site is only suitable for a single family home, not a duplex or larger development, which can impact how the property will be developed. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Therefore, percolation tests are critical during the evaluation stages of property development in many areas of the world. What are SuDS? Dig the test holes, 300mm square to a depth at least 300mm below the required invert level of the infiltration pipe. NB: If the water table is hit during the excavation, a soakaway will not be suitable. Ensure you make a note of the time taken on the sheet provided. A handy step by step site guide can be downloaded HERE. Clearly mark the pit 75% … Ever since she began contributing to the site several years ago, Mary has embraced the 2. We didn't begin building our house for about 5 years after we bought the land. Begin timing when the water level reaches the 75% mark. The results of the percolation tests were: Trial Hole 1 Trial Hole 2 . This test is often monitored and administered by a health department official. This will play a direct role in determining whether or not the soil can support a septic system. Percolation tests are conducted to find out whether or not a septic system can be installed on site, and to gather information which will be used to design the system. In some cases, a real estate agent will sell a site which has already been evaluated, with test results indicating how the site can be used and providing important information about conditions at the site. At worst you could have dirty surface water flooding your home and causing damage. 5 0 obj Plus areas that won’t ‘soak away’ due to heavy clay, or high water table. Example: Now we multiply our greywater flow (14 gallons per day) by the area needed (0.4). Site evaluation includes a number of tests beyond percolation tests. Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and A relatively large amount of space is required for a soakaway to be considered. �/Y�*쐵�md���6G3[��@����&c׏��.5�x$��!3�(���������ޞ}��lnߟͯ7�� We lived there for many years and never had any problems with either the well or the septic system. exciting challenge of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer. He was relieved when the results came back OK and he could go ahead with his original plan. Unlike any other SuDS systems, Rain Activ can be easily combined with rainwater harvesting and provide a payback. NB: Make sure the proposed locations adhere to the rules above regarding proximity of soakaways to buildings, roads and boundaries. Percolation testing results sheet’ and pen. If, after six to … Area (A) = V X P X 0.20 for sewage treatment units and. To demonstrate to your local authority you have carried out the test correctly, we strongly advise you take time-stamped photos of each stage below. At best expect a boggy, flooded, garden. From our experience, it is also not uncommon for builders to build the soakaway too small in order to save some time. On the morning of the test, residue is removed from the holes, and a controlled amount of water is poured in. <> For example a 1.6m pit = 0.4m. What is Rain Activ™? stream Contact our team for advice on other options. EXAMPLE PERCOLATION TEST RESULTS Proposed dwelling containing 3 double bedrooms Applicant name: Mr A Mann Site address: Plot 1, Rose Lane, Bodmin Building Regulation application number: 9999/2007 STAGE 1 – Calculation of the average time for the water to soakaway and calculation of the Vp Hole 1 Hole 2 Hole 3 Total Time (Seconds) Time taken in seconds for the water level to drop from … Who can’t use a soakaway? Typically, test holes are be dug at each end of the area of the absorption field and near the centerline. A percolation test requires at least two test pits. Check first with your local planning authority. Contact one of our sales team who will be able to provide some alternative options. The water is then released slowly through a small calibrated orifice to control the flow. Rainwater Harvesting Ltd accept no liability for loss or damage whilst using this guidance. Stop timing when the water level reaches the 25% mark. Filling should be as fast as possible without causing damage to the walls.


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